Traducción de holdout en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhoʊldaʊt//ˈhəʊldaʊt/



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    three of them are still holdouts tres de ellos se siguen negando
    • The majority could be looking to acquit but there could be a couple of holdouts for guilty.
    • Under those facts, would your unwillingness to accept my offer evidence that you are just being a strategic holdout?
    • And if it hadn't been for just one holdout on Lyle's jury, Lyle would have been convicted of second-degree murder.
    • The 12 holdouts are refusing to abide by the new policy, and the union is angry at their treatment.
    • Tonight, authorities try to get the last holdouts to leave New Orleans so they can focus on finding human remains some of which have blocked pumps getting that toxic floodwater out of New Orleans.
    • And so we can just, in our mind's eye, try to figure out what might be going on in that jury room, how many holdouts there might be.
    • I recall being one of the first to move on to another city and over the course of a few years eventually everyone, including the holdout 7th year PhDs, left.
    • So much valuable information is offered here that perhaps even the firmest of computer holdouts will be encouraged to join the twenty-first century in order to learn about the seventeenth.
    • Again today, they're putting off the prospect of forcing out the holdouts.
    • Count me as among the last holdouts on this issue.
    • If you've got two or three holdouts, the rest will gang up on them and try to persuade them differently, if they can't, instead of a mistrial, I would predict a compromised verdict, such as murder two.
    • Some remaining holdouts are being forcibly taken from their homes, schools and synagogues.