Traducción de holier-than-thou en Español:


de superioridad moral, adj.

Pronunciación /həʊlɪəðənˈðaʊ//ˌhoʊliərðənˈðaʊ/


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    (attitude) de superioridad moral
    • Don't give me your sanctimonious, holier-than-thou speech about drinking.
    • The group's success led to national media attention, but also provoked animosity, as some accused it of a collective holier-than-thou attitude.
    • What's with the holier-than-thou attitude anyway… don't tell me you have not broken a dozen or two traffic rules?
    • This self-righteousness, this bilious holier-than-thou attitude not only amazes me, it saddens me quite a bit too.
    • Penn has proved to be the most talented of the bunch, although one can tire of his holier-than-thou attitude to script selection.
    • Not only is he arrogant, by his own admission, but also ignorant (as in rude) and insulting with his self-opinionated, holier-than-thou, stance
    • I don't understand the holier-than-thou attitude from someone who has always seemed very level-headed and calm.
    • Rather than face the facts and argue logically with the opposition, you just muscle in and grab the ultimate holier-than-thou slogan which automatically places anyone who dares disagree with you on the side of Satan.
    • I had not been able to stand his put-downs and holier-than-thou attitude.
    • We do not want to watch his ‘out of control’ yet suspiciously manipulative antics nor listen to his condescending, holier-than-thou judgments.
    • This is about people and their holier-than-thou attitudes when it comes to picking and choosing their specific little tirades against humanity.
    • Unfortunately this discussion is always led by a holier-than-thou media: by media commentators who actually view themselves as being separate from politics.
    • And I again insist that to re-establish a strong conception of duty, it is not enough to preach from a holier-than-thou position.
    • I don't want to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude on this, because I have at times been as much at fault as other writers.
    • Slightly sheepish in responding to questions over being a regular church-goer, Tom is keen to avoid being presented as a holier-than-thou type.