Traducción de Hollywood en Español:


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    • Barrio de la ciudad de Los Ángeles (California) donde se inauguró la industria cinematográfica norteamericana en 1911. Desde entonces esta localidad apodada the dream factory (la fábrica de sueños) se ha convertido por antonomasia en la capital mundial del cine.


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    • Now, more than a decade later, Edwards is set for a return to the public eye as his life story is turned into a Hollywood movie.
    • Between them they portray a host of colourful characters in a small Irish village all wanting to be extras in a Hollywood film.
    • He has aimed for the top since his early days, when he set his sights on being a Hollywood big shot.
    • At this point, he found a Hollywood agent and began concentrating on his film career.
    • He has got her an appointment with a Hollywood producer who wants to have an Indian actress in his film.
    • Her novel was a worldwide hit and was made into a Hollywood film.
    • Some of the violence in the film is as brutal as you'll find in any Hollywood crime thriller.
    • Certainly, Scott has shied away from making it a Hollywood movie in which the good guys win and the bad guys lose.
    • He has had a crack at cinema as well, grabbing a role in a Hollywood production dubbed Jungle Boy.
    • The measure of success of any Hollywood film is its opening weekend.
    • The audience was certainly treated to a fantastic evening that looked and even felt like a Hollywood production.
    • His colourful and controversial lifestyle made him sound like a character in a Hollywood film.
    • But there is something romantic about it all, as if maybe life could be like a Hollywood musical after all.
    • I had a Hollywood agent, and had all sorts of invitations, and everybody talked to me.
    • He was popular with the ladies and had a Hollywood smile.
    • The cinema club was set up in September to provide a monthly showing of a Hollywood blockbuster.