Traducción de Home Secretary en Español:

Home Secretary

ministro del Interior, n.


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    (in UK)
    ministro del Interior masculino
    ministra del Interior femenino
    • The Home Secretary and the Government say it will cost the taxpayers less by doing this.
    • It was not policy to reveal the whereabouts of the Home Secretary for security reasons.
    • The decision of the Home Secretary was based on the fact that some crimes are so heinous as to justify life imprisonment.
    • She tackled the unions, but appointed a series of ineffectual liberal Home Secretaries to tackle crime, and they failed.
    • The Home Secretary seems to have genuinely missed the point of civil liberties.
    • The weight of evidence against the Home Secretary now makes it seem unlikely that he can continue to hold on to his Cabinet post.
    • He reported favourably to the new Home Secretary but it was too late.
    • The Home Secretary has confirmed that the law on corporate manslaughter will, at long last, be changed.
    • The Home Secretary bragged to the Labour Party conference this week that we now have more police than ever before.
    • But what is the reaction of our Home Secretary to these tricky questions about free speech?
    • The applicant was a Sikh activist whom the Home Secretary had ordered to be deported to India.
    • The Home Secretary began asking about an application by Kliminowicz for political asylum.
    • The judge said he would recommend to the Home Secretary that all three be deported after serving their sentences.
    • The policy adopted by the Home Secretary is as set out in those documents.
    • He is close to the Foreign Secretary and former Home Secretary, Jack Straw.
    • The Liberal Democrat MEP is calling on the Home Secretary to clarify the situation.
    • I think the Home Secretary wants to hang on to his executive powers and not give them up to judges.
    • But now the Home Secretary has told him to leave the country in 28 days or risk deportation.
    • On that basis, it has been agreed that the Home Secretary will refer the case back to the Parole Board for a fresh review.
    • But the legislation does not allow the Home Secretary to make a British citizen stateless.