Traducción de homeboy en Español:


compinche, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhəʊmbɔɪ//ˈhoʊmˌbɔɪ/



  • 1

    compinche masculino coloquial
    cuate masculino México coloquial
    • I hated that it was the last day of school and I had to be stuck in there with all of them when I could have been somewhere, hanging out with my main homeboy.
    • I first started talking with my homeboys about a ceasefire in the gang wars in 1989.
    • There were probably only about fifteen boys there, but they were all my homeboys, my friends.
    • He had been rumoured to have said that he missed his homeboys and the old times.
    • He partied with his homeboys and some of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders at the beach.
    • I guess to their fellow homeboys this is hilarious and considered de rigueur, but to the rest of the world they seem clownish.
    • My homeboy, whom I'll call Kenny, is a handsome, successful banker, and much in demand with women, but somewhere inside he sees himself as the ugly duckling he believed himself to be in childhood.
    • My homeboys are so not into politics, but they need to pay attention to this one.
    • Rylan Jones and his athletic homeboys were making their way up the concrete steps.
    • A mate is no ordinary friend: he or she is a bro, a dude, a homeboy, a pard, a pally - someone who's got your back, who's connected to you by a kind of tribal bond.
    • My homeboy got jumped and I knew when he got out of the hole we were going to take care of it.
    • She and James split off into their separate groups, he went to his homeboys, and Daney went to her girls, her inner circle, or head council.
    • I peaked around the corner and watched Rems as he sat on the porch with his homeboys, laughing and slanging away, totally unaware of what's coming his way.
    • So what do your homeboy's think about you skating?
    • I guess I'll just have to talk to my homeboy over there and get us some tickets.
    • I could see my homeboy was scared, but that little Maya tried to kick at the old man.