Traducción de hometown en Español:


ciudad natal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhəʊmtaʊn//ˈhoʊmˌtaʊn/


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    ciudad natal femenino
    pueblo natal masculino
    before noun he's a hometown boy es un chico sencillo
    • They'll be heading abroad or to their hometowns.
    • In my hometown of New York City, social circles would surely scoff at such behavior.
    • Those who were not picked up by their families had to wait for hours at the port and find cars to carry them to their respective hometowns.
    • From the airport they board vans and buses for trips back to their hometowns.
    • Muslims who care about their families and can afford the age-long tradition travel back to their hometowns to celebrate the biggest Islamic festival.
    • Many residents return to their hometowns during this period and houses will be left unattended and government offices largely unstaffed.
    • Most of the students from out of town have already gone back to their hometowns.
    • This period is, according to Chinese tradition, a time for family gatherings, when people should all head back to their hometowns for New Year's Eve.
    • Now he has returned to his hometown of Barnsley to be reunited with his sister Steph.
    • They left their hometowns or villages and came to Mumbai to earn a livelihood, so you can't expect them to just pack up and go back.
    • With 80 percent of the country's money circulating in the capital, Jakarta has become the last hope for those who cannot find jobs in their hometowns.
    • Few Americans think local news coverage fairly captures the essence of daily life and progress in their hometowns.
    • Every last Thursday of November, 35 million Americans travel to their hometowns to eat turkey.
    • It isn't that students are being denied the right to vote outright - they still have the option of voting by absentee ballot in their hometowns.
    • Most people will head back to their hometowns during this period.
    • In past years they never voted in local elections because they still officially resided in their hometowns in Oaxaca.
    • But for children who choose to spend their holidays in their hometowns, fairs and carnivals can be good entertainment.
    • More than 30 million Koreans are expected to head to their hometowns to spend the celebrated occasion with their close families, relatives, and friends.
    • And so, the Saidiman family will be among the millions of travelers who will pour out of the big cities on the way to their hometowns.
    • Others said they would rent rooms or return to their hometowns.