Traducción de homicidal en Español:


homicida, adj.

Pronunciación /hɒmɪˈsʌɪd(ə)l//ˌhɑməˈsaɪdl/


  • 1

    (tendency) homicida
    (rage) asesino
    I felt homicidal me dieron ganas de matar a alguien
    • I clung to Jude, despite his homicidal tendencies as we stumbled through the dark.
    • It's one of the few noises that can reduce grown men to tears and induce homicidal tendencies in normally sane women.
    • His comments to the opposition are more like the delirious rantings of a homicidal maniac.
    • If we keep telling this homicidal maniac what we're doing as police, he's going to be one step ahead.
    • Stubbs may have been hard, but at least he wasn't homicidal.
    • Not only is Ewan her doctor, he's also her husband - and, at the novel's outset, the victim of her homicidal rage.
    • It is because we are living in a steadily more compassionate world, that terrorists and homicidal criminals make such an impact.
    • He's a real-life medical fraud investigator who helped catch that homicidal doctor.
    • I resisted my homicidal urges when some moron was knocking on some neighbour's door just after six AM.
    • I know without a doubt that if provoked my mother could become a homicidal maniac in defence of her animals.
    • I do not wish to turn into a gibbering homicidal maniac, especially just before Christmas.
    • He is not a homicidal maniac, but a violent, evil man made even more so by his addiction to unnamed drugs.
    • It is preposterous to assume every passenger is a potential crazed homicidal maniac.
    • He's a homicidal dictator who can be deterred, or eliminated, by conventional means.
    • I really need to mop the floors again, and the thought of buckets and disinfectant makes me virtually homicidal.
    • Even the homicidal taxi drivers don't want to damage their paintwork.
    • So now not only am I late for work but I'm slowly moving from feeling edgy to homicidal.
    • This thought makes some of us suicidal and homicidal, which is why it's good the month ends in the State Fair.
    • He wasn't sure how Drew was feeling towards him at all, but quite likely, homicidal.
    • Well, we are dealing with a homicidal megalomaniac who has the capacity to do things that are beyond belief.