Traducción de homophone en Español:


homófono, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhoʊməˌfoʊn//ˈhɑməˌfoʊn//ˈhəʊməfəʊn//ˈhɒməfəʊn/


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    homófono masculino
    • The vase shape symbolizes peace, because the Chinese word for ‘vase’ is a homophone for the word for ‘peace’.
    • It is interesting to note that of the 18 homophones that were common to both experiments, the same response bias was observed in 16 of them.
    • She thinks that people who mix up homophones (like stationary for stationery) ought to have bricks thrown through their windows.
    • Participants were presented with homophones and asked to report the first associated word that came to mind.
    • Technical limitations in the current study meant that the order in which the homophones were presented could not be separately randomised for each participant.
    • Over time, the computer program learned to produce the correct meanings and pronunciations for almost all the words, including homophones such as ‘plane’ and ‘plain.’
    • You merely assumed that was the homophone I meant.
    • Participants were instructed to respond with the first associated word that came to mind after hearing the homophone.
    • In my own pronunciation, for example, latter and ladder are homophones, unless I'm trying hard to convey the distinction.
    • But there are huge numbers of homophones that are also homographs: pen ‘writing implement’, pen ‘enclosure for animals’, and pen ‘penitentiary’, to choose a textbook example.
    • There are very few different surnames in China, and the fact that the Chinese language depends so much on tones (not indicated in Pinyin) increases the number of apparent homophones and near homophones.
    • Because of the risk of confusion between homophones, the words were first read in a sentence.
    • They were not told that the words they would hear were homophones.
    • I've never been good with homophones or homonyms.
    • Plus I have a curious form of dyslexia when I type: rather than the word I intend to write, I write a homophone of the same word.
    • Apart from the distressing number of literals and homophones which infest my proof copy, my main criticism is that the author never quite succeeds in bringing her subject into full view.