Traducción de honestly en Español:


sinceramente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈɒnɪstli//ˈɑnəstli/


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    (say/answer/think) sinceramente
    (think/say/answer) francamente
    I can honestly say (that) … puedo decir con toda sinceridad que …
    • I don't know and I honestly don't care no lo sé y la verdad es que no me importa
    • I honestly believe that lottery money will be forthcoming but I cannot say to what level.
    • I honestly believe that most governments want to do good, even this one.
    • Well, if an officer of your rank, with clout and a good deal of power and influence does not speak out, do you honestly expect that others below your rank would?
    • Quite honestly I think they should teach cooking as a separate subject and call it just that.
    • Money transactions are conducted honestly and according to your wishes.
    • Does he honestly believe that his government, or any other, should prioritise investment in telephone lines and aircraft?
    • I honestly do believe that people are safe - people who live a certain lifestyle will be more likely to be victims of crime.
    • And there are very few of these nouveau riche who came by their money honestly.
    • I found the images truly sickening and I honestly could not believe that you would decide to publish them.
    • I honestly believe that is why so many people are so unhappy today.
    • If you have to deal with it, deal with it honestly in age-appropriate terms.
    • If you honestly believe that prayer will help, by all means go and pray.
    • The movie is mostly about friendship but deals honestly with youth themes such as sexuality and drug taking.
    • If not, how then can you honestly expect - and demand - to be treated equally to heterosexual couples?
    • He had reached a wrong conclusion, but there was every indication that he had come to this decision honestly and honourably.
    • People ask me why I want to get into advertising and I'm always stumped to give them a real answer that they can honestly believe.
    • These natives must learn to deal honestly with their emotions and be a little less secretive with their feelings of hostility or hurt.
    • We still have not seen a depiction of these events that can deal honestly with the real history.
    • I am a animal lover, although I do eat meat, but I honestly believe animals have just as much right to live as we have.
    • Would you trust this man to behave fairly, honestly, and ethically in his portfolio?
    • Formerly, physicians were told simply to deal honestly with patients and colleagues.
    • Until then I honestly believed that I would never forgive my mother.
    • But none of us can honestly say how we would deal with that type of situation.
    • I honestly believe we now represent the mainstream alternative in America.
    • If we honestly believed that any of this stuff was true then most of us would have been so disappointed by now that we'd have joined a monastery and taken a vow of celibacy.
    • Do we honestly believe, for instance, that justice is something that should be determined by economic forces?
    • Seeing a therapist gave me the strength to deal honestly with my sexuality.
    • As a doctor you have a professional responsibility to deal with complaints constructively and honestly.
    • I sincerely and honestly regret everything that happened.
    • There seems to be no real doubt that the third argument is false and that at least some, possibly many, patients would wish to be dealt with honestly.
    • For weeks afterward she asked a great deal of questions, and I answered as simply and honestly as I could.
    • I think people expect if money's going to be spent that it be spent honestly.
    • We would do better to deal honestly with what they have shown us than to criticize them for speaking the truth without love.
    • I honestly believe that it wasn't just an attack on America, although it happened here in America.
    • So do you honestly believe it's only a matter of time before people develop an increased respect for other species?
    • I'll tell you that most agents act honestly, professionally and ethically.
    • The public repeatedly identifies nurses as the profession most trusted to act honestly and ethically.
    • This was a great contest, fought fairly and honestly, with Aberdeen probably just deserving their narrow victory.
    • I honestly believe that the game was won and lost in that first half.
    • It's terribly trite, but I honestly think I have the best mother in the world.
    • If you don't have money, it takes courage to face your money problems bravely and honestly.
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    en serio
    de verdad
    I don't mind, honestly en serio / de verdad (que) no me importa
  • 3

    (expressing exasperation)
    ¡por favor!
    oh, honestly! let me do it! ¡por favor! anda, deja que lo hago yo
    • Oh honestly, was that really necessary?
    • Honestly, did you have to tell everyone?
    • Oh, honestly! Could my day possibly be more boring?
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    (act/earn) con honradez
    (act/earn) honradamente