Traducción de honk en Español:


graznido, n.

Pronunciación /hɑŋk//hɔŋk//ˈhɒŋk/


  • 1

    (of goose) graznido masculino
    (of car) bocinazo masculino
    • I smiled and walked over to her when I heard another honk.
    • With a double honk of the car horn, they sped away.
    • A sudden loud honk caught my attention, and only then did I realize that I was on a road, and a truck seemed to be moving nearer and nearer in my direction…
    • Goats bleated occasionally, chickens clucked and honks from geese could be heard sometimes.
    • He didn't hear the loud, insistent honks of approaching vehicles but he certainly felt the sharp pain as a car collided with his right side.
    • He repeatedly gets honks and thumbs up from passing motorists reminding him of his enduring popularity.
    • When a goose is flying in formation its call is a slow, measured honk.
    • The deafening honk of a car horn sounded, which was soon followed by a loud yell of ‘Get off the road’ from a passing car.
    • Alex sped all the way to Natalie's place ignoring the honks from the other cars.
    • Just as she said goodbye, he heard a honk in his driveway.
    • A cacophony of honks and screeches filled the city as we drove there.
    • Rebecca glanced nervously behind them, listening to the honks of the car.
    • Reacting slowly, the car let out a honk that sounded like a truck horn, and started screeching to a stop.
    • In general, vocalizations are varied and include: trumpeting, whistles, twitters, honks, barks, grunts, quacks, croaks and growls.
    • Far away, he heard a honk, but a car was nowhere in sight.
    • Occasionally she would hear a loud honk and screech, followed by cars roaring away again.
    • There were a couple of impatient car honks behind her, so she pulled up beside the curb.
    • They heard the honk of a large truck behind them.
    • Many drivers reacted angrily to the protesters and responded with a chorus of honks and shouts.
    • I was swerving in and out of cars, and I got quite a few honks.
    • My mother would give a gentle honk of the car horn to indicate that we had arrived and Granny Perin would be at the door to greet us.
    • They were rewarded with honks from the cars behind them.
    • Being jerked from her thoughts, she heard a loud honk outside the door.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (goose) graznar
    (driver) tocar el claxon
    (driver) tocar la bocina
    (driver) pitar
    • The cars keep honking, wanting to get on their way.
    • When I got in his car, about five thousand people were honking at us.
    • As they walked along the streets, they were honked at by passing cars and some drivers pulled up alongside to give them money.
    • You have to pause, braving the traffic honking behind you, to spot it.
    • Drivers drove by and honked their horns in support.
    • The protest, though not well publicized, drew enthusiastic community support, with passing motorists honking their approval.
    • You can either wait patiently, or keep honking.
    • Cars passing by honk their support to the couples in line.
    • Traffic had been pretty bad on the way back - four times Joy got mad and honked loudly at a fellow driver who made a minor mistake.
    • Several drivers honk their horns in support and the huddle of firefighters on the picket line lift their arms in grateful acknowledgement.
    • Every once and a while a car would be heard honking or screeching its tires.
    • People call to complain about rash driving, drivers not sticking to lanes and honking too much.
    • Disturbingly, many people were honking their support for him.
    • Our bus driver uses the horn more than the clutch, honking at every vehicle or pedestrian.
    • There were cab drivers stopping, people throwing money from buildings and cars honking.
    • Cars rushed by, honking and screeching, and the drivers were all screaming and cursing at one another.
    • Passing cars, buses and taxis honked horns in support, and a pedestrian raised a fist.
    • I am the one who advocates driving without honking.
    • The camaraderie is infectious, and is continuously enlivened by new arrivals and passing vehicles honking their support.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he honked his horn a couple of times tocó el claxon / la bocina / pitó un par de veces