Traducción de hoop en Español:


aro, n.

Pronunciación /huːp//hup/


  • 1

    • 1.1(circular band)

      aro masculino
      • All edges will meet properly and the barrel will hold liquid without any agent other than the hoops which hold the staves together.
      • Buckets, barrels and tubs were made from planks of wood bound with metal or withy hoops.
      • The canopy's rose-colored silk gauze panels flow from a circular hoop with a rainbow-colored silk top, secured with roses and pink ribbon streamers.
      • ‘We have been dropping processed products from the menu for the last couple of years,’ said Amanda, whose first step when she took over two years ago was to ban spaghetti hoops.
      • All that was left was a heap of metal hoops from the casks.
      • Cover earliest plants with sheet plastic stretched over hoops to boost warmth early in the season and prevent frost damage.
      • Two hoops of ebony wood hung from her ears, dangling just above the level of her chin.
      • She toyed with an oversized hoop of tarnished silver around her wrist.
      • He was wearing silver hoops in both ears and spoke in a deep voice.
      • Tests showed that the precious metals covered a hoop of base metal.
      • Arriva, unlike many train operators, is keeping litter bins on stations, but is using plastic bags held in a metal hoop, rather than metal bins.
      • One drill involves players running around a giant hoop to work on their footwork and simulate the angle it usually takes to get into the backfield.
      • She said: ‘The wind was so strong that it blew some of the aluminium hoops out of the framework and bent them double.’
      • In the eighteenth century, wooden barrels were assembled out of individual staves and hoops, with no two barrels being identical.
      • A large, empty, porcelain basin and pitcher sat on his bedside table for washing his face, along with a white towel, folded through a brass hoop hanging on the wall.

    • 1.2(toy)

      aro masculino
      • We used to have freedom and play in the fields with traditional toys such as hoops, a top and whip and marbles.
      • Above the fountain, one can see an eroded relief of a seated girl and a boy standing with a hoop and rod.
      • He laughed, ‘I would do many things for her, but playing with dolls and hoops is not one of them.’

  • 2

    • 2.1(in croquet)

      arco masculino
      • Croquet mallets and hoops wait on the lawn for those who want some pre-lunch exercise, while immaculately attired staff help you choose from the extensive menu of both Malaysian and Western cuisine.
      • As the little ball rolled through the hoop in front of it, Isabel giggled with Christine in delight.
      • Games would normally involve only one ball which would be struck through very wide hoops.
      • Hoops will generally come in sets of 6, being the number on a standard croquet lawn.

    • 2.2(in basketball)

      aro masculino