Traducción de hopeful en Español:


esperanzado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhoʊpfəl//ˈhəʊpfʊl//ˈhəʊpf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) esperanzado
    (person) optimista
    don't be/get too hopeful no te hagas demasiadas ilusiones
    • I don't feel at all hopeful about our future no me siento nada optimista con respecto a nuestro futuro
    • to be hopeful of-ing tener esperanzas de + inf
    • Indeed, attendance at the conference might itself be taken as a hopeful sign.
    • One of the things that might compromise these hopeful signs is the disarray of the US labour movement.
    • The Big Bang cosmology has an immense ideological appeal in a society without any hopeful vision of the future.
    • He added that he was hopeful the approval would be given by the end of January.
    • We were taking the best precautions we could, but when it came into the Wharfedale valley we were not very hopeful.
    • Her father John said it was a terrible time for the family but they are hopeful she will make a good recovery.
    • They are still hopeful fresh evidence will come to light and Mr Hall made a desperate appeal for new information.
    • He is now waiting for the board to make their final decision but is hopeful he will prove the right man for the job.
    • The club is hopeful the team will be able to turn out in its new away kit in the first league game of the season at Hartlepool on Saturday.
    • Harold Taylor, an anti-fox hunting campaigner, is also hopeful the bill will be passed.
    • A product of the club's academy system, Langley is hopeful his future remains with Bradford.
    • I am very hopeful these stories will help make the shift that frees the remaining refugees.
    • We see the emergence of these men and women of conscience as a positive and hopeful sign.
    • Certainly they are in good form at the moment and will be very hopeful of progressing to the next stage.
    • From the feedback received, the Committee is hopeful the the matter will be sorted out.
    • It was generally agreed that what was happening was very hopeful and a step in the right direction.
    • The teacher in charge is hopeful the target will be reached.
    • The country became a magnet for the international left, who saw hopeful signs in the revolution.
    • Nor is he very hopeful that there will ever be a ceasefire in his native land.
    • However, their bright and hopeful view of the future certainly stayed in my mind.
  • 2

    (sign/response/prospect) esperanzador
    (prospect/response/sign) prometedor


  • 1

    aspirante masculino
    candidato masculino
    candidata femenino
    young hopefuls jóvenes aspirantes
    • Yorkshire's young Olympic hopefuls of the future will today be showcased in Sheffield.
    • TV's Pop Idol gripped the nation as thousands of young hopefuls competed for the prize of a record contract.
    • Promotion hopefuls Esholt were well beaten on their own ground by a determined Salts side.
    • Everyone is hoping interest rates remain low and that the young hopefuls still come to the city with their outsize hopes.
    • The band is created by auditioning thousands of young hopefuls who want to hit it big.
    • More than 106 hopefuls took part in a two-hour workshop to win the role.
    • Three young hopefuls will each get the chance to do the show in turn.
    • The band members, along with thousands of other young hopefuls performed for a place in a pop band.
    • Last year's musical was West Side Story and the young hopefuls taking part were asked to nominate this year's show.
    • At this, a couple of selection team hopefuls get up and reluctantly drag themselves from the room.
    • To many young hopefuls, it appears the best way of getting onto Top Of The Pops.
    • A strong headwind and choppy water made rowing difficult for the young hopefuls during the three day trials.
    • His rivalry with Hewitt stretches back to 1999 when they were both no more than talented young hopefuls.
    • Are these young hopefuls about to be overtaken by the new intake of 2005?
    • Other young hopefuls will be hoping to impress on their three - match tour.
    • Hamlet have a tough game on Saturday away to promotion hopefuls Bromley.
    • Election fever mounted today as the official deadline passed for Westminster hopefuls who want to throw their hats in the ring.
    • Young hopefuls who fancy playing on the big red bus need to send their biographies, photos and a CD to Andy.
    • That could pave the way for the region to produce a new crop of young Olympic hopefuls such as Richard Buck.
    • The company is part of The Royal Academy of Dancing and gives hundreds of young northern hopefuls the chance to star on the stage.