Traducción de horrific en Español:


horroroso, adj.

Pronunciación /həˈrɪfɪk//hɒˈrɪfɪk/


  • 1

    • There, last Tuesday, occurred a scene all but lost amid the horrific pictures of last week.
    • It would also ask them to think about the horrific manner in which he died.
    • The siege had come to a brutal and ugly end, but the full horrific scale of the crisis had not yet revealed itself.
    • Today horrific memories of the greyest of days in January are hard to erase.
    • It's horrific and frightening and makes you question yourself and what you might be capable of.
    • A man has died and another is in a serious condition after a horrific road collision with a petrol tanker.
    • Often, when grafts heal, they thicken and leave the patients with horrific scarring.
    • He says that is the way it has to be, because the reality is too horrific to squeeze into a prime time television slot.
    • A man suffered a horrific eye injury after he and his girlfriend were attacked by a gang of thugs as they left a pub.
    • A man suffered horrific crush injuries to his hand after he became trapped in a printing press.
    • The horrific accident happened when the two sides of a grave he was digging caved in on him.
    • She said the horrific attack had left many residents scared for their safety.
    • Her injuries were so horrific that the vet had no choice but to put her to sleep.
    • To lose a child that way or to have to identify their body would be just horrific.
    • All who drowned were illegal immigrants who endured the most horrific working conditions.
    • Some time later I received a magazine containing the horrific pictures of Belsen.
    • There's no doubt that some people suffered almost unimaginably horrific deaths.
    • A notorious accident spot that has been the scene of horrific road crashes is the focus of a new safety plan.
    • Many of them show attacks on children and are too horrific for a newspaper.
    • In the letter he told of Barbara's battle to recover from her horrific ordeal.