Traducción de horror en Español:


horror, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɔrər//ˈhɒrə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(emotion)

      horror masculino
      (story/movie) (before noun) de terror
      I cried out in horror grité horrorizada
      • to have a horror of sth/-ing
      • he has a horror of spiders les tiene horror / terror a las arañas
      • I have a horror of being alone me aterra / me da pavor estar sola
      • everyone has a horror story to tell about … todo el mundo ha tenido alguna mala experiencia con …
      • Fantasy, science fiction, and horror filmmakers have been widely influenced by the Quatermass stories.
      • The work was a breakthrough, spawning the birth of two literary genres: science-fiction and horror fiction.
      • The science fiction and horror genres have often served as mirrors of the troubles and fears of the time.
      • In contemporary popular cinema, it is virtually impossible to cleanly demarcate the genres of horror and thriller.
      • Shock, horror, disgust impinge on our sense of ourselves, creating a sense of crisis as our sense of completeness and comfort is threatened.
      • I don't care if they made you laugh, cry, scream in shock or from horror, just tell me what they are!
      • A number of us watched - more in shock or surprise than horror.
      • I have to admit that much of the intense fear and horror I was experiencing has now passed.
      • There were feelings of horror, repulsion and fear being expressed.
      • On more than one occasion in the past, a low budget horror film has had a lasting influence on the genre's future.
      • He admits to thriving on a variety of projects that have covered several genres including period dramas, horror, comedy and science fiction.
      • We have experienced so much horror, pain and fear since then that it seems like a lifetime ago.
      • After Frankenstein, the gentle, soft-spoken Karloff would star in horror films, and precious little else.
      • Traumatic events have in common the ability to elicit intense and immediate fear, helplessness, horror and distress.
      • Consumers have reacted with shock and horror over reports that frozen chickens sold in supermarkets are often fed on ground up chicken parts mixed in with grain.
      • We see the human face every day, and though it affects us in many ways, fear and horror would not normally be among those emotions.
      • However, I note with fear and horror that somebody is trying to suppress the truth on the only website brave enough to tell it how it is.
      • When people do dare broach the subject they talk of it with a wide range of emotions - horror, disgust, anger, bitterness, resentment.
      • Their light-hearted take on horror belies the genuine fear Reinblatt felt wrestling with the writing of the play.
      • I felt fear, horror, hatred but it was all mixed up into one feeling.
      • Mann proved himself adept crossing genres from comedies such as Our Man Flint to horror films like Willard.
      • The new year began as the last one ended, in fear, horror and bloodshed.
      • Cheap laughs were hard to come by, and the crashing economy seemed to be turning all Hong Kong films into horror movies.
      • To me it was a great genre show that made horror and science fiction funny, smart, and eminently entertaining.
      • The fear and horror in their eyes was very evident in the video, if it is a hoax then they certainly have a promising future in Hollywood.
      • However, I'm encouraged by the emergence of a new genre of quieter, less gory horror films in the early years of the new century.
      • He has composed for a variety of genres but science fiction, horror and fantasy stories dominate his filmography.
      • I'd like to see sex comedies with sex, horror films without irony and political dramas that really appreciate where we are these days.
      • Individuals can respond to these experiences with intense fear, horror or a sense of helplessness.
      • Don't Look Now is a beautifully restrained horror film.
      • Let's hope not, as it has the potential to be a wonderful mixture of film noir and horror.
      • Judy gasped in shock and horror, paralyzed with disgust and unbridled rage as Sarah stormed out of the room.
      • The Curse of Frankenstein was also the first horror film to feature Cushing and Christopher Lee together.
      • But she wasn't screaming in horror or fear, but with easily recognizable rage.
      • Unlike many horror films, this story is given time to breathe and develop.
      • Emotions such as fear, horror, disgust, etc. are not intrinsically unpleasant.
      • Shocked, I reeled away in horror, fearing that some passing stranger might take me for a rubber fetishist, a thought that appals and revolts me.
      • But Toby doesn't react with horror or disgust or shock, instead complaining that Bree lied to him.
      • This is also one reason why I remain so steadfastly resolute about concentrating on fantasy, science fiction and horror film.
      • Marty was one of the lucky few to portray both a ghoul and a biker in that legendary horror film.

    • 1.2(experience, event)

      the horrors of nuclear warfare los horrores de la guerra atómica
      • (in newspapers) ten die in gas blast horror diez muertos en una explosión de gas

    • 1.3informal (person, thing)

      monstruo masculino
      that child's a little horror! ¡ese niño es un diablillo! coloquial
      • There has been some talk of strategies, but one of the horrors of terrorism is that there are no tactics.
      • Name your disaster, horror or tragedy, no matter how grotesque, and there will be someone making a joke of it somewhere.
      • At worst, it can be highly offensive; a horror of sexist trappings and misguided tensions.
      • As in every culture, where all other Indians in the story are proud and honourable, Emiliano happens to be a horror of almost fantastical proportions.
      • This is maybe how the world avoids a horror of the kind it has never seen.
      • From Madrid to Moscow the horrors of the terrorist bomb took a dreadful toll last week.
      • Napoleon, Chris says, has been criticised for sleepwalking his way through the horrors of the retreat, unaware of the sufferings of his soldiers.
      • Clippings from films and documentaries showing the horrors of war and terrorism are interspersed throughout.
      • Isn't it time we looked closer to earth for effective solutions to terrorism's horrors?
      • He added that the struggle between good and evil was still being waged today, highlighting the horrors of the past century, including terrorism.
      • And our government are prepared to send those who have fled from this terror back into these horrors?
      • Then there are the great unknowns such as the horrors being planned by terrorists and others who thrive on chaos and destruction.
      • One could live and work in the capital and be practically oblivious to the horrors of the war and daily terror that many Colombian women face and shared with me.
      • Or come back later for some thoughts on how to effectively counter that horror.
      • He thinks Anse is a horror of a human being to throw Darl down in the public street and handcuff him and to pour concrete on Cash's leg, forever destroying it.
      • We know the names of the countries, we hear the names of the leaders every day in the news, we discuss the politics, the horrors and the terrors.
      • No wonder he remained to be a stranger to everyone else for no one dared or risked taking a step into such a place filled with horrors and terrors that only the Shadow Assailant knew of.
      • But there was another horror, one as difficult to believe.
      • The horrors of the terrorism could not be rationalized.
      • The characters all speak in melodramatic, incomplete sentences as if they knew unspeakable horrors, but this tactic merely delays revelations that turn out to be quite dull.
      • Wilson's idealism and incompetence unleashed or hastened many of the horrors of the 20th century, abroad and at home.
      • The purpose of such action is to force average people to their knees and hold them hostage to the horrors of terrorism.
      • But here, the main issue is civilian incomprehension of the horrors of war, as a shell-shocked young hero returns home only to greet news of his DSO with disgust.
      • Because its scope, scale, and horrors seem incomprehensible to us now, World War II continues to fascinate us.

  • 2horrors plural

    spiders give me the horrors las arañas me ponen los pelos de punta coloquial