Traducción de horse chestnut en Español:

horse chestnut

castaño de Indias, n.


  • 1also horse chestnut tree

    castaño de Indias masculino
    • Along the trail, visitors can enjoy specimens such as the Indian horse chestnut, dawn redwood, autumn oaks and oriental hawthorns.
    • They are all native species such as oak, horse chestnut and flowering cherry and have replaced those lost over the past few years, including one that was hit by a car and another that was blown down in the January gales.
    • Staff at Kennet had already been alerted to the imminent removal of a large horse chestnut tree beside the staff car park, which is said to be diseased and unsafe.
    • Extracts from garlic, horse chestnut, lavender, ragwort, rosemary, plantain and the liverwort Marchantia were all unpalatable.
    • Many trees, such as lime, sycamore, horse chestnut and willow provide excellent bee forage.
  • 2

    castaña de Indias femenino
    • The horse chestnuts are not closely related to true chestnuts or chinquapins, and the resemblance of their fruits is coincidental.
    • Depicting a horse chestnut, the sculpture symbolizes the fruits of a rural community and its potential for growth, energy and community.