Traducción de horsewoman en Español:


amazona, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɔːswʊmən//ˈhɔrsˌwʊmən/

nombrePlural horsewomen

  • 1

    amazona femenino
    she's a good horsewoman es una buena amazona
    • The horse has a wonderful personality and his owner is an excellent horsewoman.
    • Born in 1852 in Missouri, Calamity was an excellent horsewoman and gunslinger, and got by as an express rider, cook, dance-hall girl and prostitute.
    • Mrs Higson, 50, of Stainland, Halifax, was an experienced horsewoman who was breaking in a colt when the accident happened near her home last Friday.
    • A rider was crushed to death by his horse at a show jumping event one day after a top horsewoman died in near identical circumstances, it emerged yesterday.
    • Mid-Atlantic-based horsewoman Henrietta George has purchased the Camden Training Center in Camden, South Carolina in a transaction expected to close early this month.
    • Woodall, of Georgetown, Kentucky, was an accomplished horsewoman and a freelance photographer.
    • Augusta and Amelia were music lovers, and Sophia a skilled horsewoman.
    • She was in her own right a famed horsewoman, who perfected the side saddle riding technique, she was also master of the hounds and it was at her kennels in Moyle that the hounds were kept.
    • She said that although Sarah was riding a large horse, she was an accomplished horsewoman who regularly took part in the hunt and had been riding since she was ten.
    • Ms McAleese, who was a keen walker, horsewoman and dressage rider, had done everything possible to minimise the effect of the injury and had decided to continue with her activities.
    • But survive she did and despite only having a limited use of her limbs, 14-year-old Sophie can now confidently control almost half-a-ton of horse, and is one of Britain's leading young horsewomen.
    • The Mary Townley Loop is named after the horsewoman who rode from Derbyshire to Northumberland to launch the idea of the Bridleway.
    • TJ has also organized a group of horsewomen who meet semi-regularly for trail rides, competitions and social activities called the Yee Ha Sisterhood.
    • She regarded Mrs Cross, who had ridden as a child and returned to riding a few years ago, as a competent horsewoman.
    • Great horsewomen are a bit more aggressive than most.
    • Brigitte is an experienced horsewoman well versed in breeding and herd care and Kerry is involved in upkeep, maintenance and grounds control.
    • Both his wife, Margaret, and daughter, Victoria, are keen horsewomen.
    • Letters from her grand tour show that at twenty-three she was a capable horsewoman, riding some distance over rough terrain without much fatigue.
    • Bella Button was a skilled horsewoman who drove winners in a number of races in the 1890s until the South Island Trotting Association resolved that only men would be allowed to drive at meetings.
    • He felt sorry for her strawberry roan stallion Grand Illusion because Elantra was a horrible horsewoman.