Traducción de hospitable en Español:


hospitalario, adj.

Pronunciación /hɒˈspɪtəb(ə)l//ˈhɑspɪdəb(ə)l//hɑˈspɪdəb(ə)l//ˈhɒspɪtəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) hospitalario
    (atmosphere) acogedor
    to be hospitable to sb ser hospitalario con algn
    • I decided perhaps I should attempt my launch in a more hospitable environment, so I went to Montreal.
    • In addition to the beauty of the blue ocean and the white sandy beaches, Terry found the people very friendly and hospitable.
    • She left the office and headed upstairs to the slightly less clean, but still hospitable bedrooms.
    • Both have been working in companies where the environment is very hospitable to women.
    • He invited me to his home where I was treated to a luxurious dinner and given a wonderful and hospitable welcome.
    • Evidently, in our solar system, life first evolved quite soon after the formation of a hospitable terrestrial environment.
    • It is important to be warm and hospitable to visitors by offering them food and drink.
    • They will examine rocks and soils for clues about whether the sites once had environments hospitable to life.
    • An economy in free fall is not the most hospitable environment for premium wines.
    • She's very nice, very friendly, and exceedingly hospitable.
    • Samoans are quite simply the friendliest, most hospitable people you're ever likely to meet.
    • Besides the hospitable corporate environment found in South Dakota, the state offers a big backyard for play.
    • When visiting a neighbor or relative's house, guests enjoy a hospitable welcome.
    • I pledge to make the earth a secure and hospitable place for present and future generations.
    • It is generally known that anthrax bacteria can live for decades in the soil or other hospitable environments.
    • Loss of structure in monotypic litter likely led to reduced and less hospitable physical living space.
    • The locals clearly were not too keen to strangers and I received a less than hospitable welcome.
    • His friends said he was hospitable towards everyone, always tried to help people as best he could, and made them smile, and he loved punk music.
    • The beginning of the New Year does not appear to present the most hospitable environment for bond markets at home or abroad.
    • You could hardly design a more hospitable environment for hackers if you tried.
    • Eventually the planet will no longer be hospitable to humans because we continue to gravely mutilate the environment.
    • Her hospitable kitchen welcomed a constant stream of neighbours, family and friends.
    • So how has atheistic Maoism found such a hospitable environment here?
    • It offers professional service with a hospitable and friendly staff.
    • I hear that despite a lot of poverty, the people are very welcoming and hospitable.
    • The Chamorro people are warm, hospitable and friendly, and they made me feel welcome.
    • I met and became very good friends with David Gilbert and his family, who were very kind, hospitable and friendly to me.
    • They found a country infinitely more hospitable than their homelands.
    • It is not a cliche to say that the people on Islay are generous, hospitable and friendly.
    • I am hoping to find more friendly, hospitable people to join a local network of volunteer hosts offering invitations to international students.
    • Clearly, the current low inflation environment is more hospitable to consumers rather than producers.
    • The earth, even at its extremes, is the hospitable planet; consider staking a tent on Mars or Mercury.
    • Most of them finally settled down in the hospitable surroundings of their chosen country.
    • Although shy, the people are friendly and hospitable.
    • It shows local shoppers that their custom is valued and also serves to promote our county as a warm, friendly and hospitable place to visit.
    • She was also full of praise for the people of Dingle who were so hospitable and friendly.
    • Each time we rode through a town we were surprised to see the hospitable welcomes we were given.
    • The immediate urban region in which we live is the setting for most of what we do, and we have a clear interest in seeing that that setting remains hospitable.
    • I have always thought they are the most hospitable, friendly people I have ever met, and this experience was no different.
    • The Inuit homeland is one of the regions of the world least hospitable to human habitation.