Traducción de hospitality en Español:


hospitalidad, n.

Pronunciación /hɒspɪˈtalɪti//ˌhɑspəˈtælədi/


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    hospitalidad femenino
    (suite/lounge) (before noun) de recepción Britanico
    hospitality area zona VIP femenino
    • the hospitality committee el comité de recepción
    • hospitality industry industria hotelera
    • He urged the hospitality industry to serve more traditional foods to visitors and tourists for them to have a real taste of Zambia.
    • It gives them the skills to work in the hospitality industry.
    • He has been working in the hospitality business for the past 26 years and has traveled around the world.
    • But a ban will be a disaster for the hospitality industry.
    • In 1985 Kieran and his wife Thelma settled in West Mayo and began life in the hospitality industry.
    • I love the hospitality industry, there's so much opportunity to move in your job and every day's different.
    • And those of us in the hospitality business can be thankful for the way in which we get to make our living.
    • Opponents claim the move will cost tens of thousands of jobs in the hospitality industry and voluntary no-smoking areas in bars are the answer.
    • He said 80 percent of them were now employed within the hospitality sector and various business houses.
    • I work in the hospitality industry and have to entertain clients a lot.
    • Oh, and the hospitality industry squeals that their profits will take a nose-dive if bans on smoking in public places are introduced.
    • The aim was to expose the organisation's workforce to the latest trends and advances in the hospitality industry.
    • The cheaper end of the hospitality industry includes a disproportionate number of lifestylers who offer bed and breakfast to make some pocket money.
    • Licensing trust members are elected under the Sale of Liquor Act to operate businesses in the hospitality industry.
    • For years Paul had worked in the hospitality business working mainly in bars that had loud music.
    • But it's the subject of the hospitality industry and the Scottish workforce that really ignites Rissmann's passion.
    • A rally was organised by various business houses in the hospitality industry.
    • Michels, regarded as one of the leading lights of the hospitality industry, is unlikely to quit the sector and is expected to set up a new hotel venture soon.
    • This was probably one of the reasons that both brothers ended up in the hospitality business.
    • He has spent about 20 years in the hospitality industry and now relishes his position in Shanghai's newest hotel.