Traducción de hostelry en Español:


posada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɒst(ə)lri//ˈhɑst(ə)lri/

nombrePlural hostelries

arcaico, humorístico

  • 1

    posada femenino arcaico
    mesón masculino
    • Skipper Mike Rowley loosed moorings that night, after his guests had had a pleasant evening in the local hostelry, and set off to cross one of the world's busiest shipping channels in total darkness.
    • The June festival, he tells us, ‘has been a major talking point in our local hostelry for some time, and all of it is negative’.
    • Who would have thought that Ireland - known for its myriad of pubs and hostelries - would become the first country in Europe to introduce a total ban on smoking in places of entertainment?
    • The Prince of Wales came to the rescue of village life yesterday when he called in for a pint and a whisky chaser at a hostelry in the Yorkshire Dales.
    • Police were called to the Three Cups pub in Malmesbury after mayor elect Patrick Goldstone was barred indefinitely from the hostelry in the Triangle.
    • Tourism websites show its tranquil streets, its attractive grey stone kirk and its inviting hostelry, The Torphichen Inn.
    • I set out towards the local hostelry for a restorative.
    • Statistics compiled by CAMRA show that more than one quarter of adults never visit a pub and 20 hostelries a month close around the country.
    • Being born in a pub, and not unknown to frequent his local hostelry for a shandy or two, Pembrokeshire author Keith Johnson is eminently qualified to be the author of his latest volume on county watering-holes.
    • The Old Bell Hotel, a beautiful hostelry in the heart of the town near to the abbey, serves award-winning French cuisine.
    • Rosses Point was overflowing on Friday night last as supporters of St. Valentine thronged to the local restaurants, inns and hostelries to celebrate February 14.
    • But yesterday the popular pubgoer was smiling after his local hostelry served him and his friends a special Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.
    • The Departure had played only a scattering of gigs in local hostelries before being catapulted onto festival stages in 2004.
    • It was all too soon that we started our journey home although we did stop off at a local hostelry to celebrate our successful weekend.
    • It was in the Stables, which is our local hostelry.
    • Throughout the 20th century the George Inn was a popular hostelry on the edge of the town centre and for many years was a tenanted house belonging to Blackburn brewers Thwaites.
    • Local hostelries offering liquid and solid refreshment include the Inverkip Hotel and Village Inn in Inverkip; and the Wemyss Bay Hotel, Wemyss Bay.
    • The Kingsdown-based family business is providing the ale at its hostelries across Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire.
    • Ten minutes later we were settled in at a local hostelry.
    • The Lunch Group is to try out a local hostelry at the end of the month and our usual groups for Scrabble, knit-and-natter and the play reading will take place this month.