Traducción de hot rod en Español:

hot rod

coche arreglado, n.



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    coche arreglado masculino
    coche trucado masculino
    • This very popular one-day show is in its 14th year and gets bigger and better every time with a variety of street machines, vintage and veteran cars, hot rods, bikes and special interest vehicles.
    • They took the professor's car, which made Vance's hatchback look like a hot rod.
    • And Ford's designers can't believe it, but here it is, the hot rod of the future.
    • Looking for an iconic genre he could leverage, he settled on the hot rod.
    • Then we have the groups who believe street rods, hot rods, muscle cars, or antiques are the way to go.
    • Additionally, Americans are increasingly more interested in hot rods and will more and more choose the bold colors traditionally associated with these types of vehicles including rich reds and yellows.
    • When racers from Belsize Garage power their hot rods around Buxton's High Edge circuit tomorrow, they'll be keeping alive a name with more than 100 years of motoring history.
    • ‘I also have a passion for automobiles, car shows, hot rods, collecting and racing,’ he says.
    • The event is open to American classic cars and hot rods from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm.
    • But the wheel business might not exist without the 25-year tradition for building hot rods and the strong image behind them.