Traducción de hot spring en Español:

hot spring

fuente termal, n.


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    fuente termal femenino
    an area famous for its hot springs una zona famosa por sus termas / fuentes termales
    • Natural hot springs bubble up through the region's volcanic and mineral-rich rock.
    • In Namibia, the Fish River Canyon and the Ai-Ais hot springs will form part of the park.
    • They rubbed her skin raw, until the fishy smell of the sea and neglect had dissolved into the hot spring water.
    • Furthermore, the excellent preservation may have been enhanced because the hot spring waters are anaerobic, which inhibits the rapid oxidation of organic matter.
    • The door lead into a large hot spring area with draperies hanging from three separate hot springs so they could each bathe in private.
    • A sulfurous odor permeates the air around the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.
    • The belief is that early life lived deep underground or deep in the ocean, in volcanic hot springs.
    • Bathing suits are essential for Iceland's many heated pools and hot springs.
    • The steam from hot springs rose about a mile out from the town.
    • Often hot spring waters come from great depths and are in contact with radioactive minerals, which impart traces to the water.
    • The Zauuya area had a lot of natural hot springs, so to the water was warm and unwinding.
    • And dotted amongst them, that's where you get these volcanic hot springs.
    • In other words, the chemical composition of the water emerging in hot springs is very much the same as that in the reservoir.
    • The resort traces its origins to 1886, when oil workers discovered the area's thermal hot springs.
    • Combine that with the caves, cliffs, waterfalls and hot springs that are all within the park's boundaries, and it's hard to beat.
    • It is full of craters - it has thirty active volcanoes - hot springs, and geysers.
    • We were coming up to the square where Victoria Fountain sprung from the hot springs underground.
    • We visited a hot spring with water coming directly from the volcano and ate at a soda bar near the base of the volcano, where the clouds cleared long enough so we could watch it erupt in the moonlit night.
    • It was a way to keep the hot springs and water heaters from being depleted.
    • Fresh hot spring water flowed into the bath through a statue near the back.