Traducción de hotelier en Español:


hotelero, n.

Pronunciación /həʊˈtɛlɪeɪ//ˌɔtɛlˈjeɪ//hoʊdlˈɪr//həʊˈtɛlɪə/


  • 1

    hotelero masculino
    hotelera femenino
    • Kerry publicans and hoteliers have been assured that they have nothing to fear from the new ban on smoking in public places.
    • Bar owners, hoteliers, shopkeepers and taxi drivers intend to make hay while the sun shines.
    • The idea was widely condemned by shopkeepers and hoteliers in Capri.
    • Restaurateurs and hoteliers across the Lake District are joining forces to support an extra special cause.
    • The dance critics may be undecided, but the hoteliers and shopkeepers of the capital salute her.
    • So many people, including hoteliers and restaurant owners around this area, had hoped to host the contingent.
    • There is another business model for wireless networking that might appeal to hoteliers, cafe owners and publicans.
    • Kerry hoteliers have said the publication of a new tourist guide could help boost business at a very uncertain time for their trade.
    • It really makes me wonder who this meeting is for because, apart from hoteliers and businesses, I don't see any benefits for the residents of York.
    • Police have been in contact with local landlords and hoteliers to advise them on policing during the military deployment.
    • John was a hotelier and publican of the highest order.
    • The move implies he is open to compromise in the area, and will be seized upon by publicans and hoteliers, anxious to water down his proposals.
    • As they acquired hotels, the brothers brought their varied talents to the business and became full-time hoteliers.
    • Mr. Peter's new-patented invention is very interesting, especially for landlords and hoteliers.
    • The project also included training of local hoteliers and restaurant staff, guides, and the marking of tourist trails.
    • He called for landlords, the drinks industry and hoteliers to work together to ease the passage of the Bill.
    • Many restaurateurs and hoteliers, most airlines, and even some wine retailers employ consultants in their wine selection.
    • He advises young publicans and hoteliers to be ambitious and work hard, and to ‘follow your initiative’.
    • There has been a bit of laughter about it but some of the businesses and hoteliers are quite irate.
    • She said hoteliers and resort managers are flexible in order to attract Bulgarian tourists.