Traducción de hothead en Español:


exaltado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɒthɛd//ˈhɑtˌhɛd/


  • 1

    exaltado masculino
    exaltada femenino
    • But some on the other side were just as bad, inciting the hotheads and inviting a violent response.
    • There are enough hotheads in both the parties and they might pull the plug any time the Government refuses to follow their dictates.
    • It looks as if the present dispensation has a perennial dual policy while dealing with hotheads of one community and thugs of its own ilk.
    • If matters are allowed to drift, hotheads on both sides could easily disrupt the recent calm.
    • During the Cuban missile crisis it was Guevara who emerged as the hothead, urging Castro to unleash his missiles on the United States.
    • But only the most radical hotheads believe they could drive out the People's Liberation Army.
    • He's a bit of a hothead who gets flustered easily.
    • Whether they are hotheads or cool schemers, their intransigent speeches act as balm to their audience's wounds.
    • He's a violent hothead who's clearly on a collision course with his destiny.
    • It's hard to convey how jubilant and peaceful the atmosphere is, and this in a country full of macho hotheads!
    • Gagné says a few hotheads can damage the reputations of their brethren.
    • But how could the women have ‘won ‘when Hootie and his hotheads still deny them access to the golf course and country club?’
    • Ask any beat cop, the hotheads are growing in number, including within the greener ranks of the police force itself.
    • Sectarian hotheads and saboteurs certainly still lurk in the shadows.
    • There was a political movement against tea-drinking in the 18th century, after the British imposed penal duties and the Boston hotheads famously dumped a consignment in the harbour.
    • An informed source said: ‘The view is that we do not have a short-term problem so there is no need to charge ahead with hotheads.’
    • But if a few insane hotheads had formed a guerrilla organisation and go begging for funds with concocted tales of persecution they would not have been disappointed until very recently.
    • Let them figure out how to keep the hotheads from spoiling the gravy train.
    • Trained manpower is needed in debt recovery or else you end up losing business through uncouth behaviour exhibited by some hotheads.
    • Ignore any hotheads - they do not represent any majority in Keighley.