Traducción de hour en Español:


hora, n.

Pronunciación /ˈaʊ(ə)r//ˈaʊə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(60 minutes)

      hora femenino
      a quarter/three quarters of an hour un cuarto/tres cuartos de hora
      • an hour and a half una hora y media
      • one and a half hours una hora y media
      • 24 hours a day las 24 horas del día
      • it's two hours' walk/drive from here está a dos horas (de aquí) a pie/en coche
      • 30 miles per hour 30 millas por hora
      • to be paid by the hour cobrar por horas
      • I earn $30 an hour gano 30 dólares por hora
      • All of you will be putting in an extra two hours every day next week just for that little stunt.
      • The clock in her car, for example, remains about an hour and twenty minutes off, and remains a mystery to me.
      • So, that's about an hour and twenty minutes from now, and we'll keep you posted on that one.
      • The thought of being entertained purely by tap for an hour and twenty minutes sounds mind-numbing and mundane.
      • He followed that in Austria last year by knocking two hours 22 minutes off his previous time.
      • Toghar Pairc is within 15 minutes of Bray and within an hour's drive of the city centre.
      • The throw in time is 7.30 and if the sides are again deadlocked at the end of the hour thirty minutes extra time will be played.
      • It may be minutes, hours days or even years that you are helping yet the gratitude will be there.
      • Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned into hours with equal grace and ease.
      • For older pupils the aim is to increase time spent on PE from one hour and 20 minutes to two hours a week by 2007.
      • Well the appointment was a big waste of an hour and twenty minutes.
      • Seven members of the team stayed through the night - which included an extra hour thanks to daylight saving.
      • Out of an hour and twenty minute class, I gave them the entire period to spend amongst each other.
      • Ivan tried to keep track of the hours, minutes and seconds, but she lost it somewhere.
      • We had to split the journey up into little segments, so what should have taken an hour and twenty minutes must have taken best part of three hours.
      • After waiting for an hour and twenty minutes for our meals, we decided to do a runner and not pay for the drinks we had consumed in the meantime.
      • My parents strode in two hours later and within minutes we were screaming at each other.
      • The Queen had a full schedule and was only able to stay an hour and twenty minutes.
      • This is called anaphylaxis and can happen within minutes to hours of exposure to the substance that the person is allergic to.
      • Tomasson mentioned that Balanchine had created the work in an hour and twenty minutes, asking Tomasson to show it to him.

    • 1.2(time of day)

      hora femenino
      at twenty past the hour a (las) y veinte
      • at 1600 hours a las 16:00 horas
      • (at) any hour of the day or night a cualquier hora del día o de la noche
      • At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.
      • Conor Galgey from Rossvale in Portlaoise was anxiety waiting for the midnight hour.
      • A clock chimed the hour in the distance, and Gracelin suddenly felt very tired.
      • Ask yourself, why did India awake to light and freedom at the stroke of the midnight hour…
      • Listening to this radio show, though, you can't help but fall in love with music to listen to at the midnight hour.
      • Come to me later in the evening in the seventh hour after midday, and I will give the prescription to you.
      • I left Dublin after the midnight hour and rolled west along the road, all too well aware that part of my link with the old city had come to an end.
      • He heard bells chime in the distance, singing the hour, but he saw them as bells of freedom.
      • Hearing the clock upon an old building chime the hour of one in the morning, Alaina became more anxious.
      • Throughout their stay at Kandahar the guards carried out head-counts every hour at night to keep the prisoners awake.
      • His single cell was the last on the range of twenty-one cells and thus was reached some minutes after the hour.

    • 1.3(particular moment)

      momento masculino
      in my hour of need they all deserted me todos me abandonaron cuando más los necesitaba
      • the man/question of the hour el hombre/el tema del momento
      • The exact hour is hidden in God's design, yet we can be certain that he will come again as the King of Love.
      • The night went on without a hitch, but an hour had past, twelve midnight, the bewitching hour.
      • Then, at the midnight hour of the request to extradite him, only THEN did they offer to hand him over to the Pakistan courts.
      • The period was not the studio's finest hour and he did not fit in, spending more time hiding in a cupboard than at his desk drawing.
      • Day and night make little difference and there are no closing hours or weekends.
      • The baby chooses the hour and minute of birth, the parents the year and month, and the place.
      • I cannot seem to achieve anything if I don't have a deadline with a date and a fixed hour, looming over my head.

  • 2hours plural

    • 2.1(long time)

      horas femenino
      it'll take hours llevará horas
      • we waited for hours and hours esperamos horas y horas
      • they arrived hours late llegaron con horas de retraso
      • It is now a daily occurrence for staff to be asked to work back far into the night and early hours of the morning.
      • One of the things I always get told off for is my habit of staying up till wee hours in the morning.
      • They came in handy for strollers to take a spot of rest during the morning and evening hours.
      • Embers began burning in the east, casting light upon the land in the early winter hours.
      • The other biggest concern was the overwhelming heat during the peak hours of the evening.
      • So, all my knowledge of art came from scavenged bits and pieces in the late hours of the morning.
      • Why not transform the empty night-time hours of the Yorkshire Museum into profitable activity?
      • Non-news channels like the Food Network will simply play mellow music during the crucial morning hours.
      • Youths are seen seriously doing workouts during early morning and late evening hours.
      • Even those working in the early morning hours keep their heads swathed in cloth.
      • For the first time, she was glad of the fact that Carden had them travel during the dark hours.
      • It's not out of the ordinary for vehicles to pull in at that time of the morning, late hours.
      • He tripped this morning and he fell in the early morning hours while he was getting dressed.
      • Let me zoom you into a couple problem areas that we have seen through the morning hours.
      • They sneak in in the midnight hours, but grey-headed women come to jeer them as they pass.
      • She sat silently through the hours as the sun traveled across the sky and she stayed even as it fell.
      • Very few manage to make time to go to a health club in the morning or evening hours, when it is usually open to all.
      • Two days later a relative left in the very early hours of the morning, to avoid the heat, with the coffin in the back of a buckie.
      • We used to be against each other for a lot of years in those early morning hours, remember?
      • Suddenly the silence of the morning hours was broken by a soft buzzing noise in the far distance.

    • 2.2(fixed period)

      during office/business hours en horas de oficina/trabajo
      • what hours do you work? ¿qué horario tienes?
      • what hours are you open? ¿qué horario tienen?
      • doctors work long hours los médicos tienen un día de trabajo muy largo
      • to keep late/irregular hours llevar una vida noctámbula/desordenada