Traducción de house lights en Español:

house lights

luces de la sala, n.

sustantivo plural

Cine Teatro

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    luces de la sala femenino
    • Angelique did the usual thing, where she walks off stage, but the house lights don't come up, nor does the band even pretend that they aren't coming back.
    • Only during the finale, when the house lights were brought up, were the quotation marks removed from La Sonnambula.
    • The house lights dimmed then, and the stage lights kicked on - temporarily blinding me.
    • Then darkness is exchanged for subtle house lights.
    • During productions the house lights would remain on, allowing audience members to be aware of each other as well as the dramatic action.
    • In true street-performer style, several of the performers brought up the house lights to pluck audience members onstage to be humiliated.
    • And not only because the lighting designer has turned the house lights down and is playing with the spotlights, making the interview feel staged.
    • When the scenes were reached, the house lights were turned up and the situation was explained to the public.
    • Weirdly as I took my bow the house lights (the lights in the auditorium) came up.
    • The problem is that this bring-your-own venue presentation leaves no room for dramatic nuance, stranding the actors to ham their way through it with the house lights up.
    • The first-night audience kept applauding after the house lights came up, and there can be few greater compliments.
    • His defences were cast aside, the house lights were up and they could see each other, them and him.
    • The house lights go up and a powerful light is thrown on the audience.
    • The impression is one of a long daily process that begins months before rehearsal and extends right up to the moment the house lights dim.
    • The curtain opened, the house lights found her and had the band not already begun playing then the entire audience would have heard the sounds of our hearts breaking.
    • Some appreciative audience members were on their feet applauding even before the house lights came up for the curtain call.
    • At approximately 10.45 pm, the house lights dim, the searchlights start to sweep the audience and bingo!
    • Jack heard the announcement, and saw the house lights come up from beneath the front curtain.
    • The show is performed with house lights up and requires tons of audience participation.
    • Both men leaned forward as the house lights dimmed, and a new set of lights, previously unnoticed, came alive, all around them.