Traducción de house magazine en Español:

house magazine

revista de la empresa, n.


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    revista de la empresa femenino
    • Change in the Church of Scotland usually happens on a geological timescale, according to the latest issue of Life And Work, its in - house magazine.
    • Although people really do do that; I've seen it in house magazines.
    • We bring out a quarterly house magazine, where we focus on one architect every issue and showcase what work he or she has done using our products.
    • Madison and I wanted to begin the interior decorating planning right away so she spent the night with me at my hotel after Robin took us to a bookstore to buy house magazines.
    • There have been repeated predictions of its demise - most recently from the employers' house magazine.
    • Crucially, also, he transformed the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons from a house magazine into a scientific journal, receiving the Arthur Keith Medal.
    • Helping myself to a complimentary copy of the latest issue of the house magazine, I sat down at tile end of a row of chairs and tried to look inconspicuous.