Traducción de house party en Español:

house party


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    reunión social de varios días en una casa de campo
    • It occurred on the street in front of his house where, inside, a Halloween house party for teenagers was in progress.
    • At British house parties it's customary to bring a bottle of booze along and give it to the hostess.
    • Some spoke to the Daily Dispatch this week in a snap survey, and revealed that celebrations will range from small house parties to rave parties on the outskirts of the city.
    • We've had reports of such attacks in everything from house parties to dinner parties.
    • I was fascinated by the scene in the film in which the servants crowd in to listen to Ivor Novello while the house party guests find him boring.
    • Sergeant Joe Ellis said at 6.05 am they received a complaint that an incident at a house party at Southern Gardens had spilled out onto the road.
    • For background music to a house party, or for driving on a sunny day with the windows open when you don't feel like paying attention to detail, it's good.
    • In the nineteen-seventies, the music animated roller rinks, house parties, and block parties.
    • She had planned to stay at a friend's house in Fallowfield after a house party at a nearby flat, where they had a couple of glasses of wine.
    • I was invited to a house party by a female Canadian classmate.
    • With so much to do, I'm reconsidering my original idea of just throwing a house party, simply because I don't see how I can fit one in.
    • They'd ended up in Middlesburg and saw a big house party in progress.
    • Most people expect pre-recorded music or a DJ at a house party.
    • Every Saturday there's a house party where my family comes over and gets pretty drunk.
    • I stood in the corner of the room by the bookshelf, it was a house party, staying out of the way like always.
    • Maybe some seek to introduce a little bit of drama, some fluffy wistfulness into their emotional lexicon and to have a gimmick to talk about themselves at greater length in the kitchen at house parties.
    • I had a job finding it, largely because the only other time I'd been there was years ago at 3 a.m. when I was quite drunk and on my way to a house party.
    • You and your friends are out all the time: benefits, bars, house parties, dinner parties, live music, more bars.
    • As the night wore on, the party got into full swing and a number of impromptu garden and house parties were arranged at which childhood memories were recalled and nostalgic trips down memory lane were plentiful.
    • And not that I can't hang with these particular straight people - just not in a house party atmosphere.
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    grupo de personas que acuden a una house party