Traducción de hubbub en Español:


alboroto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhʌbʌb//ˈhəbəb/


  • 1

    alboroto masculino
    barullo masculino
    • The announcement hushed the crowd but soon the hubbub returned and the misfortune was forgotten.
    • The great hubbub of the crowd made it futile to call for him.
    • Shortly after 9am, the high-pitched hubbub of excited schoolchildren was replaced by the roar of heavy vehicles, shouting, barked commands and gunshots.
    • As I walked I heard, rising above the normal hubbub of the market, the computer generated sounds of a video arcade - a tiny stall, open to the street, dim and dingy.
    • The story in Seymour about the old monk dying and trying to overhear a conversation about washing, over the pious hubbub of the surrounding crowd is bathetic in the true sense.
    • He escorted her into the living room where he found a scantily clad and disheveled young couple, who had ventured down stairs to investigate the hubbub.
    • Ves sat down at his usual table down the back of the room, away from the usual hubbub of noise, and dug in to his meal.
    • Recalling the best comedies of the era, the chatter in the early scenes is a hubbub of words, yet the sound is mixed so that Kane's voice rises above the others.
    • Guinevere knew that this would be the door she would have to go out; she could even hear the hubbub of the crowd outside.
    • In fact I did read about a fantastic new device which can listen in on a hubbub (lovely word) of conversation and pick up each individual speaker and transcribe the speech.
    • As journalists protested, the lieutenant said above the hubbub: ‘We are going to open fire on this hotel.’
    • Inside, the aisles were packed with at least six or seven tour groups of varying nationality making such a hubbub that any contemplation or prayer would have been impossible.
    • The hubbub and laughter rang round the hall all day, occasionally to the accompaniment of music recalled from past years.
    • The home to peregrine falcons, these riverside cliffs give a feel for what wilderness canoeing must be all about if you can ignore the hubbub from the river banks and the other canoeists and kayakers on the river.
    • The hubbub subsided into a low ripple of murmurs.
    • What sounds greet your ears - the happy hubbub of engaged learners working on projects together or disruption and shouting?
    • By midnight, they'd shut the toilets completely, and, other than a steady hubbub of people talking and laughing and singing, there was little else of note.
    • A metachamber, not ringing with echoes at all, but with the grand hubbub that is the sounds of the little echo chambers (occasionally with a population of one) singing into the void.
    • The only discordant note in the amicable hubbub was the sound of customers fighting over the right to settle their minuscule checks.
    • You have never listened to your voice because of all the hubbub around you,’ she says.