Traducción de huckster en Español:


charlatán, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhʌkstə//ˈhəkstər/


  • 1despectivo

    (salesman, promoter)
    charlatán masculino
    charlatana femenino
    mercachifle femenino
    • It seems a mortgage company that briefly held my loan two years ago is still peddling my personal financial information to every huckster with a LaserJet printer.
    • The huckster advertises an attractive item-an appliance, aluminum siding, a new kitchen-at an astonishingly low price. That's the bait, and consumers predictably rise to it.
    • Of course, it won't surprise me if some huckster manages to get the two women to square off again.
    • Every genius, promoter and huckster wanted a piece of the action.
    • We're accustomed to facing a gauntlet of hucksters when we sit in front of a TV set.
    • However, there are many charlatans, hucksters, and snake-oil sellers among the New Age field, in part because it is so easy to fool people when you can't produce hard physical evidence of the truth of your assertions.
    • Internet hucksters use wild colors, eye-popping images, and jazzy sounds to draw your attention to their ads, trying to get you to reveal your credit card number and buy stuff.
    • Self-reflection and humility are not marketable commodities among hucksters.
    • As any huckster can tell you, when the quality goes down, the hype goes up.
    • You go to war with the best public relations huckster you can have: the White House announced last week that a Washington public relations executive, with no experience in military affairs, was the nominee for the post.
    • Their role is more significant (in a couple of senses) than hucksters whose interest in the lives of other people is limited to an opportunity to ply their craft.
    • Meanwhile, the volume of spam continues to rise, as hucksters pitch porn sites, pyramid schemes, quack health remedies, online casinos, mortgage refinancing, and so on.
    • All of this convinced Bryson that he didn't have to transform his modest self into a careerist huckster in order to make more of his living from music.
    • It is a rare thing for a reviewer to find himself in the role of evangelist or huckster, but that is where I must begin.
    • They're stock hucksters, touts, gamblers and flim-flammers.
    • This makes them easy pickings for religious hucksters, who continually say the most ridiculous things and get away with it only because their audience isn't bright enough to think it through for themselves.
    • Besides, consumers have always been in an equilibrium with advertisers and hucksters - some gullible people will fall for anything, while others are impervious to all manipulation.
  • 2EEUU coloquial, despectivo

    (ad writer)
    publicitario masculino
    publicitaria femenino
  • 3anticuado

    buhonero masculino anticuado
    buhonera femenino anticuado
    vendedor ambulante masculino
    vendedora ambulante femenino
    • The trick is to find them among the dross of ill-informed advice from psychobabbling hucksters who don't seem to live in the real world.
    • Wouldn't this make him a set-up for an oily huckster who sold lame horses with a false hump?
    • Nearby, hucksters sell postcards of the skyline, in which the towers remain shiningly intact.
    • When you put it that way, the street-level huckster almost sounds more honorable than the executive.
    • These homespun medications were sold by itinerant hucksters, pharmacies, and whoever could spellbind a listener with lofty promises of cure.
    • Consumers seeking relief from phone hucksters shouldn't be sold a bill of goods by their government.
    • It reads more like a huckster selling long-life elixir at a rural county fair.
    • I cringed at the hucksters on the street, who had a negative impact on the brand.
    • To add to the incessant cacophony of all the usual hucksters and souvenir traders, the pilgrims and the clergy, the temple is also still being built.
    • New ordinances banned boys from throwing rocks, female hucksters from selling food door-to-door, and people of color from assembling after curfew.
    • Here professionals and housewives discard their workaday images and become hucksters offering the output of their hobbies.
    • This bland 30-second spot stood out in the cluttered huckster's marketplace of morning television because of all the elements that were missing.
    • At the base there was the mass of peddlers, hawkers, hucksters, at best shopkeepers.
    • In 1880, the Federal census reported 2,690 commercial travelers, hucksters, and peddlers based in Chicago - 98 percent of whom were men.
    • He mused (more than asked): ‘Do you know you can measure the state of the economies of most developing countries by the number of hucksters you encounter at traffic lights?’
    • You take away the impression that you've been spun a shaggy parrot story told by a sideshow huckster, albeit with attention-grabbing skill.
    • Another pulled toffee - at least in its classic form - is Irish yellowman, a sweet still often sold at fairs by hucksters proclaiming its supposedly health-giving properties.
    • Tommy uses every trick in the book to catch his man: dressing as a rodeo clown, shilling prizes as a slick Vegas huckster, or pretending to be a backwoods hick, Tommy has all the right moves.
    • Folks, this is a very old stunt, used by carnival hucksters for generations to convince gullible victims that ‘energies’ are being demonstrated.