Traducción de hula en Español:


hula-hula, n.


Pronunciación /ˈhulə//ˈhuːlə/


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    hula-hula masculino
    • A special CD and a four-hour hula extravaganza held this month will benefit the party's activities.
    • No Hawaiian hulas or Tahitian chants here, though traditional cultural elements and echoes of local folk styles do inform these supremely mellow numbers.
    • They used to say that every nice girl should be able to dance hula.
    • Trivialized for decades by mass-market tourism, Hawaiian culture - from classic hula dancing to outrigger canoe racing - is being embraced enthusiastically.
    • A brief featurette that looks at animating the hula dancing, an important part of Hawaiian culture.
    • Master teacher Johnny Lum Ho says, ‘At this level, the hula has to be exciting.’
    • At Waimea the women danced a hula, which the sailors found quite lascivious.
    • Learning hula steps and motions and dancing every day is a great way to keep a body flexible while enjoying Hawaiian music.
    • Many of today's performers have had more formal dance training than their predecessors, embellishing the old bump-and-grind with samba, tap, belly dancing, jazz, hula, even capoeira.
    • You'll learn to strum the ukulele, dance a hula, and weave a bracelet of lauhala.
    • The band's program, which also included hula dances, was typical of the entertainment of the day.
    • While I was researching a short story, I gradually fell in love with the hula (dancing).
    • No way was Clara getting to that beacon, I don't care if she danced the hula all the way!
    • Some of these dance forms, such as flamenco and hula are almost as known and loved by local audiences as are the Western dances of ballet and tap.
    • Singing, drumming, and the hula dance are sacred forms of worship and remain integral to the daily life of some native Hawaiians.
    • Join in the revelry with the six-man entertainment group as they perform hula dances to the tune of Hawaiian guitars and songs.
    • We dragged all our instruments and equipment off, while a hula dancing first grader walked on.