Traducción de hum en Español:


tararear, v.

Pronunciación /hʌm//həm/

verbo intransitivohummed, humming

  • 1

    (person) (con la boca cerrada) tararear
    (bee) zumbar
    (spinning top/wire) zumbar
    • After a while he stopped humming and began to sing to himself softly.
    • Steve Gigl has what it takes to keep our computers humming here at Blogger General.
    • Close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and hum loudly.
    • The heartbeat sound hummed in the air once again.
    • John followed and reached behind to close the door but it was already closing, the sound of small hydraulics humming to his right.
    • We were in the small, dingy office, paint peeling off the walls and the ancient computer monotonously humming.
    • He looked behind him, at the computer, which hummed quietly to itself.
    • There was a door at the top of the stairs and I picked up my pace, hearing the soft sound of William humming to himself, waiting for me to arrive.
    • A long peaceful silence followed, the distant sounds of car engines humming and people chattering were the only thing audible.
    • She had gotten used to the sound of the engines humming beneath her and noticed that they were not on anymore.
    • There was a far away muted sound like humming near him.
    • Chizuru ended up staring straight at the ceiling of her room, the gentle purr of the air-conditioner humming inside her ears.
    • A solid wooden floor supports an enormous desk and the latest model PC computer hums quietly, awaiting instruction.
    • No matter how tightly I cover my ears and hum into my pillow, it's too late to get the sound out of my head.
    • She started humming softly and gained in volume until she started singing.
    • I turned around to Trent, who was still turned around, with his fingers in his ears, humming happily.
    • While workers are at home sleeping, their computers are humming along.
    • His ears hummed pleasantly and he leaned in towards her.
    • It's as if she doesn't know how to hum, she just sings ‘la la la’ all day.
    • Footsteps echoed in the hallway, accompanied by the sound of Benny's humming.
    • The plane's engine hummed incessantly in my ears, while we read of the mission files again, making sure that the details were memorized.
    • Robin slowly woke up to the sound of a ventilator humming.
    • Adam typed in some commands, and the computer bank started humming.
    • Chris ran up the stairs and followed the sound of Star humming.
    • It's the theological equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and humming loudly.
    • I covered my ears and hummed loudly, rocking side to side.
    • He bends down slightly, surprising her, and starts humming along in her ear.
    • The chamber had super computers humming merrily all around its perimeter.
    • Observe that would normally be followed up by the speaker actually humming or singing the tune in question.
    • I rocked with him as I felt my anger slowly fading as he hummed in my ear.
    • Mum would commonly hum or sing while she got ready; sometimes I would sing along or just listen.
    • I put my hands over my ears, hummed loudly, and walked off.
    • After that all I remember is sleep and the soft melody humming in my little ears.
    • In any case, by 2010, fully half of all electricity generated in the U.S. would go to keep computer hardware humming.
    • All she heard was a strangely familiar tune, softly hummed in time with the steps.
    • The weather is slowly moving form the melodic hums and buzzes of lazy summer heat to the chirps and crackles of exciting autumn change.
    • There was silence on the bus, and all that could be heard was the sound of the engine humming.
    • The sound of an occasional car passing hummed in my ears combined with muffed, gentle mewing.
    • She hummed softly to the tune playing in the room as she examined the bandage on her left arm.
    • From the shadows came the sounds of a woman humming in counterpoint to the music.
  • 2coloquial

    (be active, vibrant)
    ir viento en popa coloquial
    to make things hum animar la cosa coloquial
    • the place is humming with activity el sitio bulle de actividad
    • The candidates crisscrossed the map, new polls arrived almost every day, and TV screens hummed with ads this past week.
    • The village was humming with walkers, the snowdrops were nearly out and I ambled out and took Moor Lane into the countryside.
    • Three hundred marshalling yards, 2,300 goods sheds and 700 repair depots keep humming with activity all the time.
    • A textile factory in Sri Lanka hums with activity.
    • The club restaurant has been shut for several months, but is humming with activity when I arrive, preparing for its relaunch.
    • Apparently, the owners' tastes appeal to a lot of folk - the place is humming.
    • The lobby was just a few paces away, literally humming with activity.
    • Scotland's jazz scene is positively humming at the moment and we are proud to call Smith and Kellock our own.
    • The marina at Bas du Fort just outside the town hums in the evenings.
    • Windsor and the surrounding towns hum with great places to eat, drink and be as merry as a monarch.
    • Towns we remember as sleepy are now humming with antiques shops and coffeehouses.
    • Shopping malls, pubs, icecream parlours and restaurants are humming with activity till late hours.
    • Meanwhile, the Market Place was humming with a busy car boot sale, with many admiring the vintage cars on display.
    • She had unwillingly become immune to the humming stench.
    • The place hums with urgent activity, but on the outskirts of the town the simpler pleasures in life are easier to find.
    • One of the staff turned up & was humming; I couldn't have him putting customers off their beer, seeing as I was in charge, so I had no choice but to tell him.
    • In the evening and at night, when the farmers came out to plough, or to sow or reap their wheat, the country hummed with activity like a distant industrial town.
    • The place was humming as the huge attendance ate and drank as if there was no tomorrow.
    • The campus was humming with instructive activities and cheerful, volunteer undergraduates directing and informing the crowds with courtesy and charm.
    • Perhaps the most striking thing observed on our tour is the humming activity in this beehive of development engineering.
    • The headquarters was air conditioned, crowded and humming with activity from early morning until late at night.
  • 3Britanico coloquial

    oler mal
    apestar coloquial
    cantar España coloquial

verbo transitivohummed, humming

  • 1

    (tune/melody) (con la boca cerrada) tararear


  • 1

    (of bees, machinery)
    zumbido masculino
    the hum of distant traffic/voices in the next room el murmullo del tráfico lejano/de voces en la habitación contigua
    • The steady hum of conversation flowed from inside of the cabin.
    • There were wounded who groaned in their sleep or called out, and there was the soft, steady hum of conversation among the wounded who could not sleep.
    • Tiredly, she sat up and rubbed her eyes, listening to the steady hum of the air conditioner and the buzz of a fly in the window.
    • She listened; all was quiet except for the steady hum of the crickets.
    • A steady hum of voices rises from the crowd sitting on the floor.
    • A steady hum is heard and the lines on the monitor go flat.
    • A vehicle accident, no injuries, one trooper announced over the steady hum of the vending machines in the lobby.
    • The pub was getting busier yet and I could feel the steady hum around me.
    • I could hear the sound of cars in the distance (you know, the low hum of continuous traffic), so I walked towards it.
    • The steady hum grew louder, and the lights in the theatre turned on.
    • The steady hum of the city had all but evaporated in the night.
    • What entered now was the sound of the hums and moans of everyday life, the quiet laugher, the mockery, the sound of horses and oxen.
    • Most of the noise was from the Scottish man through the speakers, other than that there was a low hum of conversation.
    • The low hum of air conditioning and the buzz of machines unswitched off is always with you, like tinnitus.
    • The only sound was the low hum of the lights, everything was quiet.
    • It is after curfew, and only the low hum of the engines and occasional animal squeal can be heard.
    • There's a low hum of conversation, a genteel clink of polished silver on old china, waiters in tails exuding an air of quiet efficiency and old-fashioned servility.
    • Suddenly, the air was filled with music, hums and whistles of different pitches.
    • The sound of the hum of cars in the distance while I sit here is testimony to that.
    • The open-plan layout reveals a steady hum of industry.
  • 2

    zumbido masculino
    interferencia femenino
    • The only adjustments he makes are to apply De-Hiss filtering and remove low frequency hum.
    • You've just connected your system and there's a buzz or hum that won't go away.
    • Why is my amp humming?
    • Stereos don't make any noise, except a very slight electrical hum.
    • We did a very extensive mapping of the different primary frequencies of the hum and then its harmonics.