Traducción de humdrum en Español:


monótono, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhəmˌdrəm//ˈhʌmdrʌm/


  • 1

    • Are you stuck in a rut, longing to be creative but unable to break free from the humdrum routine of your daily job?
    • What were you reading when I came to take you away from your usually boring, humdrum life for a time?
    • This was inevitably followed by a return to the humdrum reality of everyday life.
    • But when you actually do so, you suddenly become aware of how many sights and sounds you just take for granted and ignore in the course of everyday humdrum life.
    • Once the honeymoon's over and you settle into the humdrum pattern of everyday life, it's easy to get bored.
    • I used to feel almost trapped by the normal, everyday, humdrum life.
    • I find a lot of the people I see everyday very humdrum and old beyond their years.
    • But even before they did, we felt it: the humdrum monotony of the one-day game has grated for a while now.
    • He could not get up everyday and face the daily humdrum life of a high school English teacher.
    • His poetry expresses a discontent with orderly lives and humdrum routine, praising spontaneity and emotion.
    • She'd gone about her morning with its usual humdrum routine.
    • The walk was long and rather dull because it was nothing but a dull narrow hall, serving its humdrum purpose splendidly.
    • Having said that, however, there is something in the humdrum routine of everyday life in different cold and gray places around the world that fascinates me.
    • While it lasts it prevents us from making shoes, writing books, from engaging in either the humdrum routine of life or in making crucial decisions.
    • It would be nice to go beyond the usual everyday humdrum routine, I should think.
    • Just a humdrum boring evening, she thought and sighed.
    • We all know how easily innocence is lost, how simple it is to thoughtlessly embrace cynicism and the humdrum monotony of what we call everyday life.
    • It gives such a poignancy to my usually humdrum life.
    • It happened that way every day - get up, go to work, come back, sleep - and sometimes she wished something would happen to break the humdrum routine.
    • You'd seen good marriages and bad marriages, but yours wasn't going to be one of those humdrum ones, or tedious ones, or ‘bad’ ones.