Traducción de hunch en Español:


encorvar, v.

Pronunciación /hʌn(t)ʃ//hən(t)ʃ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (back/shoulders) encorvar
    • I hunched my shoulders and stared at the gravestones solemnly.
    • Out on the stoop a bunch of men were sitting hunched over their six packs and a dog was incessantly barking.
    • He hunched his shoulders to force his body away from the trembles.
    • The man is hunched over, bent by the difficulties in his life, but his expression is resolute to the point of defiance.
    • And there she was sitting hunched over in the chair right next to the door.
    • Don't bring the leg in so far it bends or hunch your shoulders; this stresses the hamstrings and the spine and neck.
    • A young girl of about 15 was hunched over as her shoulder shook with silent tears.
    • My cheeks grew hot and I hunched my shoulders in shame.
    • Susie squealed, hunching her shoulders and scooting away from him.
    • He hunched his shoulders, first one side, then the other.
    • His once broad shoulders were hunched forward as a result of his age.
    • Mary frowned, hunching her shoulders together in a defensive motion.
    • Avoid hunching your shoulders toward your ears or rounding your back.
    • Sometimes I even find myself hunching my shoulders forward like Dean, and walking with my hands thrust deep in my pockets.
    • The tops of their heads had the same randomly curling hair; even the way they hunched their shoulders was similar.
    • My hands found my pocket again, and I hunched my shoulders so my face was hidden by both my hair and my jacket.
    • He faltered slightly at her words, hunching his shoulders as he wiped the tears from his face.
    • His shoulders were hunched over and his eyes tried to stay open.
    • I smile, appeased and amused, when I realize that he's actually ducking, and his broad shoulders are hunched over.
    • ‘Yea fine,’ I said, hunching my shoulders in the breeze.

verbo intransitivo

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  • 1coloquial

    (intuitive feeling)
    presentimiento masculino
    pálpito masculino
    to have a hunch that … tener el presentimiento de que …
    • I have a hunch that … me palpita que …
    • it's only a hunch, but … solo es una corazonada, pero …
    • on a hunch en / por una corazonada
    • Drake and Emily thought it was lunchtime, based on vague hunches and guessing, but mostly on the fact that they were hungry.
    • It is only where the decision is clearly random, or based on a hunch or prejudice, that the officer's action is likely to be regarded as unreasonable.
    • Police, waiting there on a hunch, arrested Simpson, while the other two escaped.
    • Homesick, he noted how similar the landscape was to his native Tuscany and, acting on a hunch, he went digging for truffles.
    • Most medical research is empirical based on evidence rather than hunches or preferences.
    • He just suggested it out of the blue, and we followed it on a hunch.
    • Here again, the expectations are based more on hunches than a detailed analysis of where Indian agriculture stands.
    • Very likely, some intuitive hunches do indicate the presence of a sixth sense.
    • Based on a hunch, the lawyer asked if the widow had been born a woman.
    • I read on the web that a Thai meteorologist, acting on a hunch, sent an alert to television and radio stations.
    • That night, on a hunch, he returns with a flashlight, and, proving once again why he was made head gardener, manages to startle a gorging gray horde of sweet-toothed woodmice.
    • It can be shown in simple exercises that we all have a propensity to seek to confirm our hunches or hypotheses, rather than seek to test and refute them.
    • Here is a hunch based, like all good hunches, on just about nothing.
    • On a hunch, the two cops head over anyway to discover that the warehouse is indeed being robbed.
    • The work is an attempt to say something interesting by exploring the author's hunches and intuitions.
    • It has enabled governments and individuals to think more globally in a systematic way and not just on the basis of hunches and guesses.
    • For all their pretensions to being empirical and hard-nosed, most business decisions are guided by pure intuition and wild hunches.
    • Acting on a hunch, I detoured down the path and a few minutes later emerged by a glorious pool.
    • On a hunch, the researchers radioed the ground-based team and urged them to continue gathering data when the star re-emerged from behind Uranus.
    • Instead, decisions were made based on facts rather than hunches and resources were pooled for the common good.
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    joroba femenino
    chepa femenino España
    • This first hunch when done correctly will put you in a butterfly position and will utilize the large latissimus muscles of the back.