Traducción de hunger strike en Español:

hunger strike

huelga de hambre, n.


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    huelga de hambre femenino
    to be/go on (a) hunger strike estar haciendo/hacer huelga de hambre
    • It did not say when she began the hunger strike or how her health condition is.
    • A pensioner who vowed to starve himself to death in a protest against his treatment in prison has called off his hunger strike.
    • He was not allowed to pray, until a hunger strike by inmates led to a relaxation of the rules.
    • The father had been on a hunger strike and was handcuffed and forcibly removed to another centre.
    • The hunger strike began on August 29 in the death row section of the prison.
    • The hunger strike empowered a new generation, initially on the streets and then into the ballot box.
    • This would not be the case in a hunger strike where the doctor has access to all the information, and the purpose of the strike.
    • In prison she went on hunger strikes, a tactic favoured by many of the suffragettes, as a hunger strike meant release from jail.
    • Her friends say she began a hunger strike 10 days ago after the Home Office told her she would have to return to Iran.
    • Recently refugees from Afghanistan staged a hunger strike in protest against their treatment.
    • He was arrested in August, began a hunger strike, and was taken to Brixton Prison.
    • In Turkish prisons eight people are on hunger strike in protest at prison isolation.
    • On May 6, two workers began a hunger strike and were followed by six more two days later.
    • Twice since the hunger strike began, the men have needed urgent medical attention.
    • Some tried to claw their way over the barbed wire fences, and 20 detainees staged a hunger strike.
    • While in prison again, he went on a hunger strike, surviving on water for 36 days.
    • She's adamant that she'll begin an indefinite hunger strike once she reaches jail.
    • On Monday 4 July, a number of journalists started a hunger strike to protest the article.
    • In the meantime, he is on a hunger strike in a Canadian jail to protest the US legal system.
    • When the meeting promised for Monday morning did not materialise, the detainees began a hunger strike.