Traducción de hunt en Español:


cazar, v.

Pronunciación /hənt//hʌnt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (game/fox) cazar
      • You grow your own food, hunt your own prey, build your own house, don't pay taxes, and sometimes it is associated with communal arrangement.
      • Fox cubs are usually born in March, which means that pregnant and nursing vixens are hunted and killed by dogs.
      • There is no longer a convincing case to hunt foxes with hounds and our democratic institutions are rightly reflecting public opinion on this issue.
      • Already ten times as many foxes are shot each year in Britain than hunted to death with hounds and horses.
      • These hounds have been bred for 250 years to hunt foxes and now today it comes to an end.
      • So once the fox does realise that he is being hunted, hounds are already hot on his heels.
      • They tried to hunt a wild chicken by throwing a rock at it.
      • They're animals hunted in Australia for food and fur.
      • Unarmed, harmless, she felt like an innocent doe being hunted by horsemen and snarling hounds.
      • Red foxes are hunted for sport, particularly in Great Britain where the hunt is traditionally an elaborate affair with dogs and mounted hunters.
      • Humans hunt many anseriform species for sport or consumption.
      • Smaller animals such as raccoons, squirrels and rabbits are also hunted for sport.
      • Maybe one day I'd move to a place where I could hunt my own food in the wild, not have to resort to caged rabbits in a basement.
      • However, Native peoples are still allowed to hunt these whales for food.
      • Years ago there was an entire race of your kind, but they were hunted and killed for sport by humans.
      • It has been my good privilege to hunt wild pigs in five states as well as wart hogs in Africa and the pig-like javelina in Texas.
      • I don't know if, like shooting, it's a seasonal thing, or a limit to how many foxes can be hunted and killed within a set period of time.
      • For International readers, today in the UK hunting foxes with hounds became illegal.
      • We will continue to raise and hunt animals for food, and continue to cull deer and Canada geese that invade our living spaces.
      • Generations of East Texans had hunted deer with dogs, depending on the howling canines to roust deer from the region's thickets.
      • It took much effort on their part to hunt animals for food.
      • It is still legal to hunt a fox so long as it is not actually killed by the hounds, so hunts therefore believe they will be able to continue chasing foxes so long as it is shot before the dogs reach it.
      • In truth, foxes are not nearly as great a menace to livestock as the hunt clubs who hunt foxes with hounds.
      • Many of us farm terrain which is unsuited to hunting with horses and hounds.
      • Tapirs have been extensively hunted for food and sport in some areas, although some Indian tribes refuse to kill tapirs for religious reasons.
      • White-tailed deer, black bear, elk, fox, opossum, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, and pigeon were hunted for food.
      • Tommy succeeds in protecting the lynx until a poacher begins to hunt the wild cat, sending both Tommy and his protégé fighting for their lives.
      • Mr Gillies seems to be of the opinion it is OK to hunt foxes as they themselves kill for enjoyment (like many other animals do).
      • Some northern species of squirrels are hunted for their soft, thick fur, and many of the larger species are hunted for food.
      • Finally, a group of protesters storm the Commons chamber in order to assert their right to hunt foxes with hounds.
      • One of their major jobs was to hunt wild pigs that could devastate the breeding colonies when they were nesting.
      • Now that is not of course the whole story, because if deer were not hunted by hounds they would have to be shot in order to keep the population stable.
      • ‘It was like a pack of hounds hunting a fox; it was terrifying,’ he said.
      • It isn't just foxhunting though as deer, mink and many other animals are hunted with dogs.
      • His sprawling property, on which he hunts deer and wild turkey, is his safe haven, far from his attention-getting job.

    • 1.2(go hunting in)

      (park/estate) ir de caza en
      (park/estate) ir de cacería en
      (estate/park) cazar en

    • 1.3(use in hunting)

      (horse) usar para ir de caza

  • 2

    • 2.1(search for)

      • Police are hunting the gunman, who was described as ‘exceptionally dangerous’.
      • Police are hunting gunmen who shot two men and rammed their car off the road in what could be a drug-related attempted murder.
      • Police are hunting thieves who kicked a hole in a shop window during an attempted robbery.
      • Police hunting the thugs who pushed a wheelchair-bound youngster into the road admitted today their search had ‘hit a dead end’.
      • Police are hunting for thieves who have been targeting vehicles left by commuters in a car park.
      • A gang of three men are being hunted by police in connection with the theft of a £50,000 tractor.
      • About 200 police are hunting the gunman, a man believed to be in his 40s who drove a four-wheel drive vehicle.
      • Two masked post office robbers, who may have been armed with a gun, are today being hunted by police.
      • A second person has been charged in connection with the gang attack while police are hunting for a third suspect.
      • Police are now hunting the thugs behind the attacks.
      • Police were today hunting a thug who threw a pensioner to the ground and stole her handbag in broad daylight in a busy street.
      • The two other suspects are being hunted by police.
      • Police are hunting a knifeman who stabbed a 14-year-old boy in an unprovoked attack.
      • Police are now hunting for the culprits of the attack which is believed to have happened on Tuesday night.
      • An armed gang is being hunted by police after launching a series of attacks on town centre shops before speeding off in a getaway car.
      • Police are hunting a vicious thug who inflicted serious injuries on an innocent man in daylight.
      • Police are hunting the culprits, who if caught can expect to be charged with theft and defacing a public building.
      • Police are hunting a thief who left a little girl suffering nightmares after he stole a model reindeer from her the front garden.
      • Thieves who tried to steal a selection of car wheels were being hunted by police.
      • Transport police are hunting the culprits and appeal for anybody who saw what happened to come forward.

    • 2.2(drive away)

      to hunt sb/sth from/off/out of sth echar / expulsar a algn/algo de algo
      • they were hunted out of existence fueron exterminados

verbo intransitivo

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    (pursue game)
    to hunt for sth cazar algo
    • to go hunting ir de caza / de cacería
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    to hunt for sth buscar algo
    • I hunted in my pockets for the key rebusqué en los bolsillos tratando de encontrar la llave
    • From then on, Denis and I diligently hunted for evidence that human beings were something more than the sum of their conditioned reflexes.
    • Carter hunted for research to bolster the landmark case.
    • Grown ups hunted for a bargain at the book, video, CD and bric-a-brac stalls.
    • Owner Wendy Murphy hunted for her pet until dusk on Saturday but was unable to find him.
    • I hunted for and found hundreds of free patterns on the Internet.
    • Several doors were smashed when the raiders hunted for cash.
    • Youngsters enjoyed a lucky dip, face-painting and a treasure hunt, while parents hunted for bargains and stocked up on delicious homebaked cakes.
    • Private adoption agencies' touts hunted for vulnerable, expectant families who already had one or two daughters.
    • I reached into my pocket and hunted for something to reciprocate.
    • As they replayed it out of her view, he saw how gracefully her hips slid as she hunted for the lychees.
    • It was my regular practice that I hunted for jokes and anecdotes to lace my column.
    • Upon our return to America, I hunted for English collections of Bulgarian tales, eager to share them with friends.
    • Children have made name badges, found interesting sites on the internet and hunted for treasure.
    • Running through the streets of the maritime city, the local coppers eyed us as we hunted for our getaway driver.
    • They hunted for months for the right kitchen and then spotted exactly what they were looking for at an ideal home and kitchen fair.
    • Back to my desk I hunted for a line that used roses.
    • Predictably she has hunted for security in her other relationships.
    • The sun shone as children hunted for hidden treasure and jumped around on the bouncing castle.
    • A was idly surfing the web while I hunted for any scrap of cake in the house.
    • Yet, as I sat, making polite conversation with Aunt Alice, I hunted for every little wrong thing I could find.


  • 1

    • 1.1(chase)

      caza femenino
      cacería femenino
      to go on a tiger hunt ir a cazar tigres
      • International search and rescue teams and sniffer dogs have joined the hunt for survivors.
      • It was a hunt for the things observed or imagined by that ancient author, and lying behind those words: the life of antiquity, actual or imaginative.
      • They have scoured homeless hostels, mounted a publicity campaign and Fran's parents even hired a private detective in their desperate hunt for clues.
      • Detectives yesterday continued their hunt for a hooded man seen fleeing the scene and appealed for a young couple who may have seen him fleeing to come forward.
      • British detectives are liaising with counterparts in France in the hunt for the men.
      • Police also checked the river banks and divers searched a nearby drain yesterday in the hunt for clues.
      • The image came out as detectives stepped up their hunt for the teenager because they fear he may strike again.
      • Police say they are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry in their hunt for the 21-year-old.
      • Accordingly, the hunt for the leaker continues, with much speculation over who it might have been.
      • When police go before the city in the hunt for bigger budgets, they claim to be short staffed and under-equipped.
      • The hunt for investors in Scottish rugby continues apace.
      • Many search and rescue teams from around the world joined the hunt for survivors.
      • A senior detective who led the hunt for two armed robbers behind a series of terrifying raids across Bradford today told of the desperate race against time to catch them before someone was shot.
      • Frustrated detectives are turning their hunt for an expert gang of jewel thieves closer to home.
      • At the same time, cities and counties have become increasingly competitive in the hunt to attract technology-based business.
      • Detectives leading the hunt for her killer said the sighting on August 13 may be unconnected but stressed it was vital they traced the mystery man.
      • Detectives launched a hunt for the Leeds University student involving underwater search teams, mounted officers and sniffer dogs.
      • In their hunt, detectives searched more than 350 sites, including 40 under water.
      • Eastern Division detectives yesterday intensified the hunt for a woman in her mid-20s, who is believed to be part of an extortion ring.
      • Detectives working on the hunt for the attacker are now sifting through the information from the callers and hoping it will give the inquiry an extra boost.

    • 1.2(hunters)

      partida de caza femenino
      cacería femenino
      • The meet and the hunt provided a dash of colour in the lives of all during the otherwise drab British winter.
      • Both hunts met again on Saturday to exercise the hounds.
      • One of the reasons given by the hunts for preserving fox hunting is that it is necessary to control the fox population.
      • Hundreds of packs of fox hounds, hare hounds, deer hounds and other hunts and clubs are planning to meet on Saturday, the day after the ban comes into force.
      • The anti-hunt brigade regularly turn out whenever a hunt meets.
      • The hunt met again two days later at Downham, near Clitheroe.
      • If it is banned, have the opponents thought about the future of activities such as point-to-points, pony clubs and agricultural shows regularly sponsored by local hunts?
      • ‘In Scotland, it has made a big impact on the foxes,’ she said, of a piece of legislation that allows hunts to use hounds to flush out foxes, but not to kill them.
      • Mr Todhunter has been working as huntsman for the hunt since 1988, looking after its 43 hounds and 11 puppies.
      • The colourful sight of the hunt with its hounds and huntsmen cut quite a dash as it passed through the village of Grangecon.
      • Other hunts may claim that hounds are chasing rabbits or rats, both of which are legal quarry (hares and mice are protected).
      • The hunt's Hound Show sees dogs which have been kept during the summer reunited with those which have been kennelled.
      • So, in Dumfriesshire or Perthshire, the hunts still meet and dogs are still used to flush out foxes.
      • The hunt gathered for a final meet on Wednesday - the last time that the harriers would ever run with the pack before the ban came into force.
      • Sunday's show has a series of classes for both foxhounds and terriers, although the competition is only open to animals belonging to the hunt.
      • Of the 91 foxes legally killed by the 250 hunts which met in England and Wales on Saturday, none are believed to have been killed in the north west.
      • Police believe there will be a huge turn-out at the six hunts taking place in Wiltshire today, the last day hunting will be legal, and again on Saturday when eight hunts will be meeting in the county.
      • Mr Timm added that followers were permitted to meet the hunt wherever they came from, as long as they kept to the roads and did not stray on to the surrounding fields.
      • Richard Wilson said the hunt would continue to meet but abide by the requirements of the Hunting Act.
      • Also, as a dog lover, I object to the thousands of hounds that the hunt kill each year.

  • 2

    búsqueda femenino
    I'll have a hunt for the book at home voy a buscar en casa a ver si encuentro el libro
    • to be on the hunt for sth andar a la caza de algo
    • to be in the hunt for sth andar a la caza de algo
    • they're out of the hunt now han quedado fuera de combate