Traducción de hush money en Español:

hush money

unto de rana, n.



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    (dinero con que se compra el silencio de alguien) unto de rana masculino argot
    • You talked earlier about how a small sum like $10,000 couldn't be considered hush money.
    • Not knowing what else to do, the sites paid up the hush money for a license, and were allowed back online.
    • Was this just charity, or was it payment for services rendered or some kind of hush money?
    • But because prostitution is illegal, brothel owners pays no taxes, instead giving regular bribes and hush money to corrupt policemen.
    • The officer, suspected of kidnap involvement, was also said to have received $10,000 in hush money not to expose a prostitution ring in Central Trinidad.
    • Perish the thought that the cash flow might tacitly function as hush money.
    • And as the architect of the scheme, I would be fêted and richly rewarded, and would retire in luxury on my hush money.
    • We had been paying her hush money for four years.
    • Word got back to Detroit, and the car company offered the woman a wad of hush money.
    • Defendants demanded $60 million in hush money to keep quiet and never once lowered this outrageous, extortionate demand.
    • Their only job appears to be collect their hush money.
    • I rely of course on their innate decency to not tell of the horrid things they have seen, or hopefully ask me for hush money before publicising the truth.
    • However, there are requests for money to meet expenses related to hush money, fees, taxes and assorted payments to sundry individuals.
    • He demanded $60 million hush money to prevent the filing of the sexual harassment lawsuit.
    • The two men are paid compensation and hush money by the mine owners over the deaths.
    • His decision was rational in the way that hush money is often rational - the briber would rather pay the money than have the information revealed.
    • Allegations his lawyers had offered hush money to a prosecution witness were never substantiated.