Traducción de hustle en español:


Pronunciación: /ˈhʌs(ə)l//ˈhəsəl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(move hurriedly)

      she was hustled into the car la metieron en el coche a empujones
      • he was hustled away by his bodyguards sus guardaespaldas se lo llevaron precipitadamente
      • we're trying to hustle the work along estamos intentando sacar adelante el trabajo lo más rápido posible
      • the deal/new bill was hustled through la operación se cerró/el nuevo proyecto de ley se aprobó apresuradamente
      • The students are hustling and bustling about, Ms. Hunter frantically handing back the test papers.
      • Coming back, retracing the path, it turned colder and we were really hustling to keep warm and get home.
      • A short, thin-faced young man with a sparse mustache hustled around from the back of the van.
      • But with interest rates low and rents on the rise, it seems nearly everyone in town is hustling to buy a home.
      • Boston players shook hands and exchanged hugs and high-fives after the final out, then hustled into the clubhouse where the celebration really got wild.
      • They hustled past me, and, led by my father and the doctor, went straight upstairs.
      • The streets were filled with people, hustling and bustling about.
      • Whispers were abounded and people were moving, bustling, hustling, everywhere.
      • They made a quick call to the police and hustled out of the apartment.
      • We hustled to pack up our tables and bags and, holding our tents aloft, started marching.
      • I was hustling past the nurse's station on my way out when I recognized an extremely short female patient there as my old pal.
      • Every crew was hustling and bustling to get their cars prepped and ready for the long day.
      • I pick my moment and bolt from the brush, hustling across in a comically suspicious trot.
      • I wasn't heckled, I wasn't jeered, but my wife and I did have to hustle out of there quickly so we could stop the babysitter's clock from bankrupting us.
      • I hustled and bustled about the entire day, working on fast forward mode.
      • The guy is hustling every second of every round which means his opponents will not have any time to rest.
      • And we hustle all the way back up stairs and go to bed.
      • A short, white-haired little woman soon appeared at the door, hustling and bustling about.
      • He stood outside as a few cooks hustled and bustled around to finish the orders.
      • Two men in business suits came hustling along carrying stacks of blue papers, handing one to each couple.

    • 1.2(pressure)

      meterle prisa a
      apurar América Latina
      to hustle sb into sth/ -ing empujar a algn a algo/+ inf
      • they tried to hustle me into (making) a decision trataron de empujarme a tomar una decisión
      • Then hustle them into saying something that will make the next morning's headlines.

  • 2

    • 2.1(obtain aggressively)

      hacerse con
      to hustle sth out of sb sacarle algo a algn
      • to hustle sb for sth
      • he hustled them for cigarettes les dio la lata para que le dieran cigarrillos
      • The widespread poverty of the area made blacks all the more susceptible to the ploys of those trying to hustle them out of their money for supposed burials.
      • During my 40 years of pool playing, I have never been hustled out of a significant amount of money.
      • But hustling dollars is now a challenge faced by all museums, and patrons have always demanded a return on their investments.
      • His days are spent hustling jobs from farmers who exploit the indigent, any-manner-of-employment seeking migrant workers.
      • We hustled some grants out of a Methodist church.
      • He doesn't know that the bar owner has paid off the cops, and the bartender is a henchman who hustled votes for the judge.
      • There may be a mother wondering where her child is while this fellow pushes him around the streets and subways hustling drug money.
      • The city's residents hustle odd jobs and steal electricity through spliced-on cables that siphon off the juice for free.

    • 2.2(hawk, sell)

      • He had written a great novel which I encouraged him to keep hustling.
      • Charlie is known for hustling hot dogs in operatic style at baseball games.
      • He ‘pounded the streets, hustling to stores and galleries’ in an attempt to sell his art.
      • You will need to really hustle, network, and make all the contacts you can.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (move quickly)
    darse prisa
    apurarse América Latina
  • 2

  • 3coloquial

    (work energetically)
    trabajar (muy) duro
    reventarse coloquial
    darle al callo España coloquial
    sobarse el lomo México coloquial
  • 4argot

    hacer chanchullos coloquial
    chanchullear coloquial
  • 5argot

    hacer la calle coloquial
    hacer la carrera España coloquial
    talonear México coloquial
    patinar Chile coloquial
    yirar Río de la Plata argot


  • 1

    ajetreo masculino
    the hustle and bustle of the big city el ajetreo y bullicio de la gran ciudad
  • 2EEUU

    (energy, initiative)
    empuje masculino
    garra femenino coloquial
  • 3EEUUcoloquial

    (trick, swindle)
    chanchullo masculino coloquial