Traducción de hybridize en Español:


hibridar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈhʌɪbrɪdʌɪz//ˈhaɪbrəˌdaɪz/

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    • Individuals from pure-breeding families of the two species were hybridized to produce F 1 families.
    • All fragrant hosta flowers are hybridized from Hosta plantaginea, which has 6-inch long, beautiful, white fragrant flowers.
    • A lot of the common large-flowering varieties were hybridized after 1940 in England and the Netherlands.
    • There are literally thousands of cultivated varieties of Dahlias which have been hybridized throughout the years.
    • Pansies were originally hybridized in Europe in the 19th century, and quickly became a very desirable cultivar for gardeners everywhere.
    • This one has been in the trade so long and nothing like it is found in the wilds of Persia or anywhere else, so it may be a sterile hybrid (and that means they've been hybridizing lilacs for around four hundred years!)
    • This makes it very easy to transfer into a domestic species that can be hybridized to it.
    • The following varieties were hybridized at the end of 1900, but they are still the most popular.
    • These varieties were specifically cultivated for the dry, hot temperatures of the Southern California climate and have been hybridized at Descanso Gardens.
    • The Turks of the Ottoman Empire were the first culture to celebrate the beauty of the tulip and to begin to cultivate and hybridize the flower.
    • Growers began to hybridize these native species with other varieties imported to Hawaii, which produced the huge kaleidoscope of colors and sizes available today.
    • Native plant blossoms are usually a dark lavender or reddish-purple in color but subspecies have been hybridized for gardens to provide a variety of colors such as white, pale cream, yellow, and rose.
    • Large-flowered modern varieties are the result of hybridising the wild pansy, viola tricolor, also known as love-in-idleness, kiss-me-quick and heartsease.
    • In 1917 Stead was given seeds of the North American varieties and began experimenting with hybridising them.
    • Plant collectors are busy experimenting with and hybridizing these species.
    • In the end, however, whether the yam bean should be regarded as one species or as several that can be hybridized is not so important, as long as the different kinds can be manipulated to facilitate cross-pollination.

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