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cántico, n.

Pronunciación: /hɪm//hɪm/


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    cántico masculino
    himno masculino
    to sing from the same hymn sheet cantar al son de la misma música
    • They should be ‘words’ that can't be easily guessed, like acronyms referring to hymns, praise songs, or verses.
    • This hymn praises the Savior who stands over all creation and through whom all things, tapanta, are created and all things are held together.
    • All that the documents talk about are pesah banquets with wine, good food, and hymns of praise to God.
    • It is this priority of visions, hymns, and poems that leads me to the Apocalypse of John for this second study.
    • It was a dignified service, the hymns sung by the congregation with increasing emotion.
    • Wine and even drunkenness are frequent images in medieval hymns and other religious poems.
    • A few feet away, a group of priests, nuns and Protestant ministers sang hymns while they waited to be removed.
    • In Adhyatma Ramayana, Narada, in his hymn to Sri Rama, says that males of all species are Rama and females are Sita.
    • Sage Agasthya taught Lord Rama the Aditya Hridayam, the hymn to Lord Surya when he felt fatigued during the battle with Ravana.
    • It sounds uncommonly like a means of mass-producing aesthetic intensities of the sort hymned at the close of Pater's Renaissance.
    • Women participated in the singing of hymns, preaching in religious gatherings without any distinction.
    • Rig-Veda Samhita is the oldest of the four vedas and consists of 1028 hymns praising the ancient gods.
    • In all four Vedas, there are references to women ascetics reciting Vedic hymns and even creating mantras.
    • As you think about Jesus' goodness to you in prayer today, try writing your own hymn or prayer of praise.
    • The congregation sang the hymns to the accompaniment of organiser Ita Fitzpatrick.
    • In the structure of the hymn, praise is response in the sense of being a congregational response to a call to worship.
    • Through our hymns of praise, help us to celebrate the promises of your acceptance, love, and forgiveness.
    • Therefore, in the long run, the descriptive praise of the hymns becomes praise that is only response to a human call to praise.
    • The conference opened with selected hymns designed to encourage hymn singing in Nigerian churches.
    • Our part of the programme entails the traditional bit of hymn singing in church.
    • The Rig Veda is a collection of hymns praising the gods and glorifying the conquests and the heroics of the aristocratic Aryan cult.
    • It was especially heart-warming to sing hymns and songs of praise with so many people.
    • Every day, take one of the hymns of praise in Revelation and make it a central part of your prayer.
    • Unlike other funerals of known ANC leaders which are dominated by freedom songs, a church choir sang hymns for the activist.
    • So often congregation members take sides over how to offer Christian education or when to sing a hymn.
    • What I couldn't do then and couldn't do for thirty years was the first line of the first poem, the hymn to Aphrodite.
    • These might be orchestral interludes or the religious hymns, but they form more contemplative passages, balancing the dialogue.
    • Protestants and other Christians have made wide use of secular sources for their hymn tunes and religious music.
    • During that powerful event, Sri Rudram, a much-revered propitiatory hymn to Lord Siva from the Yajur Veda, was chanted in unison 1,331 times.
    • She had a consistent gratitude for God's goodness; many of her poems and hymns capture her sense of the presence of God.
    • Author of five books, he has also compiled an equal number, including ‘Arul Maalai’, containing devotional hymns and articles on religion.
    • Poems and hymns of the Hebrew people are expressed in Psalms.
    • In the Christian tradition, hymns are songs of worship, sung by congregation and choir.
    • The congregation also sang the hymns Lord Of All Hopefulness and Abide With Me, and heard clips of Peel speaking in a variety of radio broadcasts.
    • It is a massive hymn in the Byzantine Rite, in praise of the Virgin Mary.
    • Were they preludes to a hymn sung by a congregation, and, if so, commoners in a parish church or gentry in a court chapel?
    • The Bible Club members sit on a plastic sheet, wearing religious placards and singing hymns.
    • When Humayan arrived, Guru Angad and the congregation were absorbed in singing religious hymns.
    • Both sat weeping with their heads bowed when after a service of hymns, prayers and poems, Robbie Williams's song Angels was performed.
    • I used to feel good when I went to the local Congregational Church and sang hymns.
    • That passage is said in the context of a hymn of praise.
    • He picks up the same musical motif again after his hymn to love.
    • These portraits lent them a near iconic dimension, recording a pictorial hymn in their praise for posterity.
    • Here, Earle lets guitar, harmonica, and drums roll out a vibrant hymn to hope.
    • It is a hymn to the unanticipated and the miraculous and to the sustaining potential of faith and hope in life itself.
    • More precisely, the film is a hymn to the theatricality implicit in most love affairs: their deceptive art and sweet fraudulence.
    • Will Hutton's new book is a hymn of praise to Europe.
    • The lucky fools should be taking heart from the theme of the song, a hymn to love for its own sake, regardless of its object.
    • Don Quixote is a monument to absurdity, a hymn to the inspiration and futility of the romantic anti-hero.
    • Not two weeks ago these people were composing hymns to the separation of powers.
    • It centers around the slain but risen Lamb, and climaxes in a great hymn to the Paschal Lamb.
    • Earth has guessed much and rhythms the hymn behind the world in the stroke of her waves.
    • One of my favorite books is an extended hymn of praise to French food, wine and general attitude toward the pleasant things in life.
    • Time After Time is an extended hymn to nature and indigenous traditions, across three continents.
    • It is likely that you will join in the author's song with joy and wholeheartedly endorse the great hymn to eco-feminism with which chapter fifteen concludes.
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