Traducción de hyperactive en Español:


hiperactivo, adj.

Pronunciación /hʌɪpərˈaktɪv//ˌhaɪpərˈæktɪv/


  • 1

    (thyroid/child) hiperactivo
    (imagination) desbordante
    • Mary Ellen's hyperactive guilt complex responded immediately and sat like a prickly insect at the bottom of her stomach.
    • A good child is often termed well adjusted, as opposed to children who are shy, withdrawn, overly aggressive, or hyperactive.
    • I have three hyperactive children and two of them have behavioural problems, so I really need a job I can do at home.
    • But that's the nature of today's hyperactive, overheated competitive environment.
    • Or is it creating a neurotic, hyperactive corporate culture in which chief executives are too nervous to make any decisions?
    • How often have we demanded of our priests that they be hyperactive administrators, social workers, or church managers?
    • Some customers are parents of hyperactive children put on special diets.
    • He was difficult, hyperactive and extremely creative, while they were good, if a little dull, Christian children.
    • I couldn't help but to smile at this hyperactive ball of energy.
    • A two-stage screening procedure was used to identify boys who were pervasively hyperactive.
    • Now finally issued on CD, Killing Time reveals Frith at his most hyperactive and unfettered.
    • If a student is predominantly hyperactive then a kinesthetic approach to an academic exercise may be beneficial.
    • For years parents of hyperactive children have fought to have the condition taken seriously.
    • But whilst wild pop videos often have completely hyperactive camerawork, films normally don't and Catwoman is testimony as to why.
    • Various means have been employed to assess sense of time in hyperactive or ADHD children.
    • Women who suffer anxiety during pregnancy are, apparently, twice as likely to have a hyperactive child.
    • Thousands of severely hyperactive children in the UK should soon benefit from a new type of drug, doctors said today.
    • Sure, she was a bit hyperactive, but she came by that naturally.
    • And parents or teachers described some 28 percent of the children as hyperactive.
    • So where does this tale of abnormal, sane, hyperactive ambition begin?
    • A theatre full of modern-day hyperactive children still laughs and cheers at all the right places.
    • She is extremely hyperactive and impulsive for her age.
    • One can only imagine the trauma that the hyperactive Minister for Europe has endured during the past few days.
    • After about five days patients enter a second phase in which they are restless but not hyperactive or hostile and are now cooperative.
    • I've come to realize that being with Tomaz is not unlike hanging out with a hyperactive child.
    • Willoughby, an attention-seeking hyperactive child, was, by his mid to late teens, violently deranged.
    • You know, I think it's his fault that the elevator in my building is hyperactive.
    • Blue softens the energy of hyperactive children's rooms.
    • The hyperactive groups, however, did not differ from each other in the number of time estimation errors.
    • Alternating with these periods, there would be periods of feeling high and being hyperactive and energetic.
    • You've spent too much cold-sweat on false anthems, generic beats, and hyperactive production work.
    • Look at all these ladders that we can't use, instead forced to run in random directions below and jump like hyperactive idiots.
    • The authors repeated the analysis for the hyperactive probands who had or had not been treated with stimulants in high school.
    • I'm guessing it's one of those medical anomalies like giving speed to hyperactive children to calm them down.
    • The three subtypes of delirium are hyperactive, hypoactive, and mixed.
    • Artistic endeavors may be an active outlet for your hyperactive nature.
    • I was a hyperactive child who attended the Detroit public schools.
    • As a hyperactive child, he wore himself out dancing every day, much to their relief.
    • The HIV virus promotes dementia, then the brain activity becomes hyperactive.
    • No interview can proceed without hyperactive jump cuts to tangentially relevant footage or airplanes, cars or food.