Traducción de hyperbolic en Español:


hiperbólico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌhaɪpərˈbɑlɪk//ˌhʌɪpəˈbɒlɪk/


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    • Here again, this rhetoric is inflated, hyperbolic and unjustified.
    • Is it excessively hyperbolic to call them worthless scum?
    • Amazingly enough, the tone of the article is a throwback to the hyperbolic language of the boom.
    • They should answer hyperbolic attacks with exaggerated speech of their own, if that's what it takes to stave off political annihilation.
    • In an extravagant, hyperbolic and amusing oration, he asked the question: ‘Why write?’
    • I mean, in the media, all the time, the thing that we're most interested in is the most sensational, the most hyperbolic.
    • A hyperbolic citation reiterates a normative notion in an exaggerated way in order to simultaneously work against it.
    • Avoid hyperbolic language and narration that pump air into stories that have no real substance.
    • Orlando communicates with Shel in a secret language of hyperbolic expressive power.
    • Part of what makes his doubts hyperbolic is that their extravagance renders them unlikely to dislodge our existing beliefs.
    • For example, Sir William's hyperbolic language lends itself to hyperbolic gestures that contribute to the comic business of his scenes.
    • I know that I have exaggerated or made hyperbolic the abuse in my family when talking about it tangentially, either out of black humor or bitterness.
    • A frustrated thespian, he enjoyed delivering long-winded, hyperbolic, and melodramatic speeches that rolled off his tongue in a rich bass voice.
    • Kurosawa's, by contrast, exaggerate the theme, casting it in the hyperbolic terms of a dread-inducing and sometimes even apocalyptic horror.
    • Although this language sounds hyperbolic, it was by no means atypical of audience responses.