Traducción de hypercritical en Español:


hipercrítico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌhaɪpərˈkrɪdək(ə)l//hʌɪpəˈkrɪtɪk(ə)l/


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    • I read in one of your answers how it only makes things worse to be hypercritical.
    • Moore's brief doesn't understand this, and so it ends up making silly, hypercritical arguments.
    • But Johnson thinks citizens are being hypercritical of the police to deflect attention from themselves.
    • How can they be so hypercritical regarding democratic rights?
    • You can be bored, scared, hypercritical, injured by a mascara wand or half-asleep, and nobody will be any the wiser.
    • ‘It's all hypercritical when you think about,’ he adds.
    • Some are hypercritical, dwelling only on their mistakes.
    • And here I was, hypercritical as ever, wondering if I really wanted him to go after Amy again.
    • However, I don't want be hypercritical and only point out the problem.
    • Their pride, anger, and hypercritical attitude made them far more unclean than the disciples.
    • Why should anyone care if Hollywood occasionally forgets to be hypercritical about American history?
    • A perfect game of golf has never been played, but he was hypercritical.
    • Arthur, even with the sometimes hypercritical nature of Ray's lyrics, is simply an album of wondrous moments.
    • Brooks’ coaching style was hypercritical and merciless, overworking his players to the point that they vomited blood.
    • A Gemini Moon also tends to make these natives hypercritical.
    • When not hypercritical, women often deny that there's any truth to female intra-gender cruelties.
    • He arrived with unbelievable natural talent and athleticism, yet he was still hypercritical of himself.
    • As we grow increasingly self-righteous and hypercritical, we stumble into the ‘martyr trap.’
    • I suppose it was hypercritical of me to say, after everything I had done, everything we had been through over the past months.
    • I was really hypercritical and baffled about not knowing that to do with the I way I sounded.