Traducción de hypnotic en Español:


hipnótico, adj.

Pronunciación /hɪpˈnɒtɪk//hɪpˈnɑdɪk/


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    (state/suggestion) hipnótico
    (eyes/voice/rhythm) hipnotizador
    (eyes/voice/rhythm) hipnotizante
    • We struggle to make sense of that, and despite our hypnotic attraction for all things royal, we turn the page.
    • Just got it last week, straight in from Japan and it's wonderful, hypnotic stuff.
    • Her sisters had been praised and admired and stared at all their lives for their spellbinding, hypnotic electric-blue eyes.
    • His voice may not be as pure as it once was, nor soar quite so magnificently, but it is still wonderfully hypnotic.
    • At times, we would simply drift along the coral wall and go into a dreamy hypnotic state in the calm of the deep blue sea.
    • He understands the nature of composition, the juxtaposition of light and dark, and the hypnotic wonder of color and texture.
    • However, the majority of the film was smooth, multi-layered, and tight, like sublime lyrics over a hypnotic beat.
    • Guitar and bass driven repetitions have the hypnotic seduction of Stereolab at their best.
    • More recently, Elkins described a brief hypnotic intervention for insomnia.
    • The deep relaxation of a hypnotic trance is also broadly beneficial as many illnesses are aggravated by anxiety and muscle tension.
    • His eyes were a hypnotic green and beautifully set into a handsome, chiseled face.
    • She maintains that hypnotic subjects are asked basically to take on ‘what really amounts to a parody of epileptic symptoms.’
    • Ehko couldn't help but stare, it was hypnotic, this strange beautiful creature just totally absorbed in licking a spoon.
    • This compilation sounds like nothing else and proves to be strangely hypnotic and fascinating.
    • Incidentally, this article was written through the use of several of the hypnotic techniques mentioned within it.
    • His clinical and research interests include the treatment of anxiety disorders and hypnotic interventions.
    • A small number of people who go into a very deep hypnotic state experience spontaneous amnesia.
    • What's bewitching, even hypnotic, about fly-fishing is the cast.
    • ‘Remember Me’ contains one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time and ‘Fear Of Drowning’ is wonderfully hypnotic.
    • The importance of using both high and low hypnotizable subjects in hypnotic pain research is emphasized.
    • This celebration conveys its own hypnotic delight, inviting us to suspend unanswerable questions about its ultimate purpose.
    • That means that the eye roll accounts for very little of the subject's hypnotic behavior.
    • The thing about that record is that it has some kind of hypnotic appeal.
    • The album is based around beautiful hypnotic drones, kind of avant-garde and kind of calming at the same time.
    • Her heady, hypnotic drumming intensifies both the mood and pace.
    • In human form she is a beautiful young woman with hypnotic amber eyes and pale hair.
    • Gazing at a star-studded night sky is a truly beautiful and hypnotic experience.
    • As he spoke for those two hypnotic hours, he appealed not to my emotion, but to reason.
    • After receiving hypnotic psychotherapy, she remembered falling off a bicycle when riding down a slope about 10 years earlier.
    • Charcot demonstrated that such paralyses could be cured, and then artificially produced again, by hypnotic suggestion.
    • Given the movie's form and content, Stardom is equally driven by the writer/director's fascination with television's hypnotic power.


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    hipnótico masculino