Traducción de hypnotism en Español:


hipnotismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɪpnəˌtɪzəm//ˈhɪpnətɪz(ə)m/


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    hipnotismo masculino
    • Another psychologist, E.M. Thornton, extends the analogy between hypnotism, mesmerism, and exorcism.
    • One of the illustrations in this book is of a newspaper advertisement, which screams, ‘How to get girls through hypnotism!’
    • Wasn't it Randi who defined hypnotism as ‘two people lying to each other‘?
    • He used to read palms and said he practised hypnotism.
    • It is slightly like hypnotism but with an alteration.
    • She even thought that mesmerism and hypnotism were occult arts.
    • Therapists offered hypnotism and a range of counselling techniques to encourage people to quit smoking.
    • Stage hypnotism by contrast involves using hypnosis on ‘volunteers’ for the sake of entertainment.
    • His interest in hypnotism had been stimulated by Maltz, but Erhard's focus would be on ‘programming’ and ‘reprogramming.’
    • So I said, ‘Oh, it's just some stuff I've been copying on hypnotism.’
    • It is very strange that under hypnotism, people can only hear the voice of the hypnotist.
    • Amongst the aspects of hypnotism and spiritualism he chose to focus upon was the psychological make-up of mediums.
    • Gruzelier also suspects that hypnotism may interfere with subjects' evaluation of future emotions such as embarrassment.
    • I think also at this era in the history of medicine, hypnotism was starting to be explored as a therapy.
    • I find mentalism, hypnotism and the study of body language very intriguing.
    • It's based on the Gulf War instead of the Korean War, terrorist fears instead of Communist fears and microchip implants instead of hypnotism.
    • He was so impressed that he went on to study psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotism.
    • I saw a connection between yoga practice and some of the stuff done with hypnotism.
    • No hypnotism or anything like that is involved.
    • Desperate for answers, she turns to a disgraced doctor who practices hypnotism.