Traducción de hypnotize en Español:


hipnotizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈhɪpnətʌɪz//ˈhɪpnəˌtaɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • He sees his therapist, who hypnotises him.
    • Andera hypnotizes her, instructing her to block from her memory this encounter, and to return to the room in one minute.
    • It was as if some dark magic was hypnotizing her to come closer and closer.
    • Because she's hypnotizing him, he would know later.
    • His orthodontist, Dr. Perry Lyman, hypnotizes him in an attempt to sort out the situation.
    • Without any telepathic powers, Dani could not hypnotise someone that did not wish to be hypnotised, but Carl had opened himself completely to her.
    • I think that part of it is, as you said, she hypnotizes you.
    • What we'll do is Dani will hypnotise you and keep you under while I use my telepathy to get into your mind.
    • I should mention that I was hypnotized earlier today, and I'm in a mental state altogether new to me.
    • I saw the gleam of anxiety in his eyes, which were hypnotizing me.
    • I didn't hypnotize her, she hypnotized herself, I just helped her along.
    • His eyes were hypnotizing me, and I couldn't move.
    • Did you know that Armageddon starts by hypnotizing young children with the media?
    • During the past few seconds I had begun hypnotizing her.
    • Very slowly he would open his eyes, and close them, almost hypnotizing me in the process.
    • ‘No, I tried hypnotizing him when I was little, it didn't work,’ hissed Selena.
    • It seems like he's hypnotized, I read once that hypnotized people have an internal clock.
    • On the first anniversary of his death, he hypnotizes his father and visits Billy, with whom he develops a friendship.
    • Or had the man with a cough, for his own nefarious purposes, mesmerised or hypnotised me, and to some extent succeeded?
    • The sounds of the ocean were hypnotizing her, lulling her into a state where she could no longer think.