Traducción de hypothesize en Español:


hacer hipótesis, v.

Pronunciación /haɪˈpɑθəˌsaɪz//hʌɪˈpɒθɪsʌɪz/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    hacer hipótesis

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    plantear como hipótesis
    • If one event is observed or hypothesised, one can only seek its cause in terms of another observed or hypothesised event.
    • You can test that proposition by hypothesizing the same transaction that is now before the Court as occurring yesterday.
    • Maternal rank is hypothesized to play an important role in cub survivorship for two main reasons.
    • Their marker order can be easily derived from Catarrhini ancestor hypothesizing a pericentric inversion involving the entire short arm.
    • Considering Rousseau, with whom he quarrelled, as utopian, he hypothesized an art which was morally neutral and elitist.
    • Wolf hypothesizes a cause-and-effect relationship between women's liberation and society's ideal of beauty.
    • It was hypothesized that the pain picture would improve as the existential challenges resolved.
    • Based on the discussion above, we can hypothesize a link between a type of counterfactual thinking and learning.
    • Plato hypothesized that dependency on writing as an external memory store would be detrimental to memory.
    • Hence, they proposed a two-photon process theory that hypothesizes the necessity of the O-intermediate irradiation.
    • The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle hypothesised that space was filled with invisible ether.
    • The killer is hypothesized to be a mutant and should be considered armed and highly dangerous.
    • Schultz explained these results by hypothesizing an inactivation process that ‘spreads’ from the heterochromatic breakpoint.
    • Each activity was hypothesized to motivate students to increase their ethical standards.
    • It allows you to hypothesise a supernatural entity to explain phenomena, but doesn't allow you to investigate said entity.
    • Age was hypothesized in this study to be directly related to higher ethical standards.
    • It must be noted that the reasoning just quoted hypothesizes an unmonopolized supply of consumer and capital goods.
    • In all cases the expected strength and hypothesized direction of associations were confirmed.
    • Her basketball spirit had diminished unlike that flame the other day, and I believe I may hypothesize the reason.
    • They hypothesize that resistance is rational, motivated by organizational threats to workers' identity.