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    • A lot of people went up to talk to him after the show, but I've always shied away from that sort of thing.
    • We live in a loft, there are no doors I can close, I've just got to get on with it.
    • This is the longest thing I've ever written, and the early reviews have been stunning.
    • I think moving to an electric guitar will help with the problems I've had with some chords.
    • As for my own game, I've been seeing some definite progress over the past couple of months.
    • Hope to get all the links I've gathered since Christmas together up here over the weekend.
    • I've decided on the former course but I've not stepped yet beyond the point of no return.
    • Perhaps this means I ought to contact her as I've not seen her for a little while.
    • Anyway, having said that, I've made amends and posted a couple of new stories today.
    • If you're looking for a more literal experience of culture shock, I've got that too.
    • Part of me is worried that I've created yet another reason for me to spend more of each day staring at a screen.
    • I expect many of you see them all the time but I've only ever seen them on nature documentaries.
    • Needless to say, all that and no dinner meant I've been feeling a little the worse for wear today.
    • All I seem to have done since I've got back here is talk about how X is different in the States.
    • But mostly this all to fill a bit of space while I've been too busy to update this Blog!
    • You may or may not recognise my guests so I've included a short descriptive text.
    • That, if it's not too overblown a metaphor, is how I feel if I've sent a lot of email.
    • I'm lucky enough to have the freedom to live where I want because I've made a few quid.
    • It only sticks out a bit, but sometimes it sticks out more, depending on how much I've eaten.
    • Got some interesting events to relate to the blog and the people that read it, but I've come out on top.
    • I have