Traducción de ice cube en Español:

ice cube

cubito de hielo, n.


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    cubito de hielo masculino
    • The ice cube from this spilt drink hasn't even had time to melt into the top of the card table.
    • At the end, it would be little more than a mangled ice cube.
    • Just pour good oil into a plastic ice-cube tray and freeze until solid.
    • I start off like a shrunken ice cube and get going once I've had a thaw.
    • I recommend chopping up the fresh herbs and putting them into an ice-cube tray.
    • Or, boil the leftover wine until it becomes a syrupy concentrate, and freeze it in an ice-cube tray.
    • I am building an iceman, ice cube by ice cube, in the unused freezer at work to replace Defrosty the Snowman.
    • So I gave him an ice cube (a favorite treat), and some good ear scratching.
    • Then a Cryo Beam came from the cloud and froze him into an ice cube.
    • Pour the mixture into a ice cube tray and freeze it.
    • If you don't need it right away, you can freeze it in an ice cube tray for use later.
    • I often freeze it in ice cube trays at this stage, then pop it out into bags or a box.
    • Try freezing it in an ice cube tray for single serving portions.
    • Afterwards, an ice cube wrapped in a towel will minimise swelling.
    • The story can be written at the back of an ice cube, because a few minutes into the movie, you can see it disappear.
    • The goal is to be the first group to melt the ice cube.
    • Rub your face with an ice cube for an instant effect.
    • Just freeze it in an ice-cube tray and use the cubes as and when required.
    • I was frozen like an ice cube; I was extremely tensed up.
    • I can remember a little child offering me an ice cube.