Traducción de icebox en Español:


refrigerador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʌɪsbɒks//ˈaɪsˌbɑks/


  • 1EEUU coloquial, anticuado

    refrigerador masculino
    nevera femenino
    heladera femenino Río de la Plata
    • How about a refrigerator that goes back to the old icebox concept and stores coolness in a block of frozen material during certain hours?
    • But in other parts of the world, consumers with small iceboxes chug their milk from a rectangular drink box kept in the pantry.
    • While the pie was baking, she removed some vegetables and meat from the icebox to prepare for dinner.
    • May, could you please get some eggs out of the icebox?
    • People might have had iceboxes, but the very first home ‘fridges’ were not invented until 1913 and not mass-produced until 1939.
  • 2Britanico

    (freezing compartment)
    congelador masculino
    • He stood beside the fridge with the icebox in his hand, looking a little dumb.
    • Have been inspired by the immensely satisfying experiencing of defrosting the icebox on Sunday.
    • Rufie actually made one of her famous icebox cakes in honour of my arrival.
    • Store your vermouth in the icebox so that it is always cold.
    • Marcia poured her diet coke into a glass and she pulled the icebox out of the small refrigerator and put a few in.