Traducción de Icelandic en Español:


islandés, adj.

Pronunciación /aɪsˈlændɪk//ʌɪsˈlandɪk/


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    • Orkney's largest fishing vessel and one of the biggest in the UK fleet, Orcades Viking III, has been sold to an Icelandic company.
    • Pretty soon, my Icelandic driver was a bit lost.
    • In November a consortium of Icelandic businessmen paid £5.5million for a 66 per cent stake in the club.
    • ‘I've been paired with two Icelandic lads and I'm glad about that,’ said Hurst.
    • That's when Icelandic rap shares the bill with boozy jug music from the '70s.
    • New Icelandic blogger Great Auk has a pretty inspiring report of what Friedmanite economics have done for Iceland in recent years.
    • The most spectacular anti-lava effort in history occurred on the Icelandic island of Heimaey in 1973.
    • The Karluk polar expedition in 1913 was sponsored by the Canadian government and led by an Icelandic explorer called Stefansson.
    • Miller, Burchill and Icelandic teenager Thorarinsson are all, for now, short-term solutions, contracted until the end of the season.
    • The owners of a Stansted-based low-cost airline have made a ‘sterling’ move in their conquest of Icelandic air travel.
    • Ragged trousers and a fuzzy Icelandic sweater are his work clothes.
    • It will be difficult enough being Berti Vogts in Reykjavik next Saturday without his Icelandic counterpart making it harder.
    • Yes, Chig really did say it to the Icelandic beauty.
    • Instead it was Asian-European fusion-fare as good as anything I've eaten in London, such a tuna tataki and Icelandic lamb steaks.
    • Four Icelandic artists create work exploring aspects of melancholia through animation, drawing, painting, sculpture and video.
    • The Icelandic language resembles Russian just enough to emit a similar impression.
    • On Friday, Scotland under-21s not only beat their Icelandic counterparts but secured the services of a talented prospect.
    • York City's part-time goalkeeping coach, Neville Southall, wants to be boss of Icelandic side Fram Reykjavik according to reports.
    • Since then, all Icelandic fisheries have switched to ITQs.
    • Since then Icelandic group Baugur has snapped up Big Food Group, the owner of the ironically-named Iceland supermarket chain.


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    islandés masculino
    • It's performed in English with some Icelandic, and a trapeze and diving boards.
    • Did I ever mention that I spent years in my early teens struggling with learning Icelandic and Norwegian?
    • In our version, the Danes will be speaking English, and Grendel will be speaking Icelandic.
    • We thought the songs were good as they were, and, you know, our other titles were in Icelandic, so people didn't understand anything anyway!
    • While all the people speak Icelandic, most also speak Danish and English.
    • Her wavy hair fell over her shoulders, and he could hear her softly speaking to them in Icelandic.
    • This also uses the IPA to explain the sound system of Icelandic.
    • The majority of the funeral was held in Icelandic, but a few hymns, such as Amazing Grace, were performed in English.
    • The national language is Icelandic, a northern Germanic language with some resemblance to Middle English.
    • For the first time the book is available in English, translated from the Icelandic by Magnus Magnusson.
    • They go at the drinking and lust in an elegantly unselfconscious manner and there is no Icelandic word for ‘excuse me’.
    • It's a place that might have more bloggers per capita than Ireland - Icelandic is a popular blogging language.
    • Faroese is similar to Icelandic and stems from Old Norse.
    • Such a requirement has also presented technical difficulties for the analysis of V2 languages like Icelandic.
    • His accent is Scottish and even his Icelandic has a Scottish accent.
    • Although little has been written in other languages about food in Iceland, there is an interesting literature in Icelandic.